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  1. HorribleName

    This was a good place to grow up :)

    ... I totally knew what that meant. Yep. Definitely. *furiously reviews introductions* Sometimes I wonder if kids growing up on subreddits and facebook groups will look back on them as fondly as we do with forums. I hope so. There was a genuine sense of community here that I've never felt on bigger social media, and I kind of hope it's just an "old man yelling at the clouds" situation. Glad to see everyone is doing okay :D I can't remember names super well, so it's weird coming in here and being like "I know that name! And that one!" as my childhood comes flooding back. And that Egg guy! It was his birthday like a day or two ago and I remembered his name because I never knew how to pronounce it. Happy belated birthday Egg guy! I'm curious what some other people are up to as well, so maybe I'll poke around the last couple pages and see if any names or avatars catch my attention. Even if they're not posting anymore, it'd be nice to know how life is going! And I guess I'll have to make regular visits now, just in case someone else returns for a nostalgia topic. Is this it? Is this how Sal's comes back? They rope us in with the nostalgia topics and catching up and then BAM, forums are back in style?!?! Probably not. But probably maybe yes? Also if you see that guy with the Hexias RS account around, I'm pretty sure I owe them royalties for how often I've used that name in video games it's a really cool name I'm sorry
  2. Mandatory nostalgia topic as we're all stuck inside. I used to go by names like Kimiko246 and Ubermorph, with a bunch of others (plus related emails and passwords) now being lost to the void. I probably started about a hundred roleplays and finished none of them, if that rings any bells. Anyway, this was a good place to grow up. I didn't go outside a whole lot as a kid, so having a community of people to interact with online was pretty neat. This was probably where I first got serious about writing stories and making art. I've since been to (and graduated) college for fine arts, and write a lot in my free time. I was probably too young to actually be on these forums, but y'all made sure it was a good and safe space for kids to be. I appreciate that. I don't play a lot of Runescape anymore. I got sidetracked into Halo, then Minecraft, then... Yeah, pretty much the mainstream stuff. Nowadays I'm mainly online to look at art and yell about how older games were better (remember when you could just put a disk in a console and it'd play the game? Crazy). I'm also in a long-term relationship! Absolutely bonkers. I'm also learning Japanese. 私は汚い外人です! I guess I wanted to make this topic to show appreciation for the people that have been around for so long, for creating such a welcoming environment for the community surrounding this game. And it seems like everyone else is making these topics as well (hell, I have a similar one from 2012), so why not one more? Anyway, that's about it for the crazy adventures of Kimiko246 Ubermorph whatever name I picked for this account. How are y'all doing? I recognized a few names while skimming the topics here, and even if you don't remember me, I'd love to know how some of those names have been doing in the past decade.

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