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  1. Falzar can i be part of two teams i am an prodigy at doing cyber crime investigations and destroying cyber criminal organizations 

  2. diegorego75

    Megaman Battle Network Rp

    Form:Normal, Super Form Main Character:Diego Hikari Side:Hero And Villain Navi:Lumen.EXE Navi Looks and Characteristics Best Chip (Can make up if you wish):Light Sword Best Chip's effect Element:Norm And Earth Weapon (Gun, Blade):Gun - Lumen Bstr History:He Was Looking In His House When He Woke Up But He Didn't Had His P.E.T At The Moment So He Rushed Up To Scilab Then Talked With Dr.Hikari And Then He Got His P.E.T Then Before He Left He Jack-In His P.E.T To His Computer And That's Where He Gotten Lumen.EXE Another Ultimate CyberWorld Defender Just Like MegaMan.EXE/RockMan.EXE Abilities: Float Levitation, - She levitates on the air Wing Glide, - She glides on air using her wings. Fire Gale, -She creates a cyber tornado of fire then attack the Enemies and Villainous Navis with it. Cyber Lumen Wings, - She does Air Dive just like Larkman.EXE Last Attacking Ability. Wind Spread, -She Spreads Small Amounts Of Wind Then Hit Enemies And Villainous Navis with it. And Psychonesic Throw - She Can Levitatate Rocks Cars Or What Could Be Used To Attack Her Enemies And Main Targets Not Only That But She Can Crush Evil Robots, Evil Navis, Evil Reploids And Anything Evil Also She Can Trigger Deactived Objects And Traps With This Abillity. Sides:United Forces And The Impefects Imperfects: The invading Side, Not much is known about them. Leader: Bass United Forces: The United team of the WWW, and the officials, also has the best net battlers that are good, but they may not be good enough...Leader: Megaman-Lan and Protoman-Chaud

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