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    I am a football fan, traveler, audiophile and big fan of poker.I like logical brainteasers.

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  1. SamuelRichards

    Movies that were better than the book

    Although this thread is very old, but I want to write that I think the book is deeper, and during the adaptation, important details are lost and the plot line is distorted, I do not like watching movies after reading the book before, I constantly compare.
  2. SamuelRichards

    Game of Thrones (SHOW SPOILERS UNMARKED)

    I have not watched "Game of Thrones", I even feel somehow uncomfortable, I do not want to succumb to the influence of society and the pressure of friends who only repeat about this film.
  3. SamuelRichards

    Opinions on Forums vs. Social Media

    I don't really like to sit on social networks, at most to congratulate someone on the holiday, another thing is forums, here you can talk with like-minded people on any topic, on one of these forums I learned about the Canadian online casino Cookie https://casinocanada.com/casinos/cookie/ where I now spend almost all my free time, here is very convenient payment system, and for beginners there are constant promotions and bonus programs.
  4. SamuelRichards

    (American) Football

    I think he's already become the greatest player of all time, there is no other like that.
  5. SamuelRichards

    Television & Movies Discussion Thread

    I will be revisiting the Jason Statham films this week, especially I like "The Transporter".

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