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  1. Piss_Gaming

    Anyone still here?

    I'm going to have a look around the clans section later. Posting to subscribe to this thread for future clans
  2. Piss_Gaming

    Quick Chat Topic

    That's low.
  3. Piss_Gaming

    Adamant and Rune Dragons

    Updates that changed Oldschool Runescape & the Alt Account meta.
  4. Piss_Gaming

    My Introduction

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum, but I've known about you guys since before RS was OSRS. I've also played since then, and had 2+ years in-game time on my account before it was wiped, but haven't played since the beginning of the Oldschool release. For more detail, see the "about me" page on my profile, but I'd like to point out how I've listed my main accounts' current combat level (at the time of writing this) while having a maxed combat Rune Dragon Alt. I'll be sure to look around the forums for a while and talk to some other people before I get too active, to not tread on any of your toes by not understanding some unwritten rules or culture of your forum. Although I've known about you guys forever (and have used the website for its guides), this is my first time joining the realm of Salmoneus so I definitely look fowards to meeting some of you guys!

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