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    Grindaholics PvM/ Social OSRS Clan

    Clan Chat: Grindaholics Owners: Aldrete & B-Li(Hardbruce) US Home World: 355 Discord: discord.gg/ZaYQRpmn46 Welcome to Grindaholics! Grindaholics is a Social/PVM clan that does not discriminate and is accepting of all skill sets! Whether you're an experienced player, a mid-level player eager to hone their skills, or simply a scaper looking for some good company, we welcome all who are looking to grind and become a better OSRS player! Grindaholics originally started back in late 2018 as a place where friends would come and hang out, but eventually we grew and kept growing. The clan has definitely had its ups and downs, but one thing remained the same and that we as a community always found a way to come back and thrive! Clans come and go and we are no different. One thing is certain: the ownership in this clan is truly focused on listening to its members and what they want, and is committed to keeping our members happy and feeling a sense of community. Ranking System To join Grindaholics you must fill out the application that will be at the very end, But after you do so you will start off as a smiley face rank and work your way up through the following: --- Recruit - 1 Banana --- 10 points Members who have started participating in a few clan activities. • Receive Recruit tag in discord --- Corporal - 2 Banana --- 100 points + Min 3 Weeks Members who have been in our community for at least 3 weeks. These members have interacted with a fair number of members and have helped boost the positive environment. • Receive Member tag in discord --- Sergeant - 3 Banana --- 300 points + Min 3 Months Members that are active and help out the community. These members have been part of Grindaholics for at least 3 months and are known and recognized in the community. • Participation in discussions on clan planning • Additional Voice Channel abilities (Mute, Deafen, Move) • Receive Sergeant tag in discord --- Lieutenant - Bronze Star --- 500 points + Min 6 Months Leaders who help organize events and act as strong pillars of the community. These members have been part of Grindaholics for at least 6 months and have accepted additional responsibilities to help maintain a healthy community. • Ability to host Official Events including Long-Term Events • Ability to Kick in-game and in Discord • Receive Lieutenant tag in discord --- Admin - Silver Star --- Admins assist the Owners in running the clan when needed. These members are selected by the Owners. How to Rank up You maybe asking yourself how do I rank up? How do I earn these points? Well, what's a clan without any activities? In Grindaholics there are various ways to earn points such as: - Attending weekly/daily events hosted by players and staff - Splitting drops between clanmates - Mentoring other clanmates on content - Helping with advertisement (such as bumping forums) - Recruiting new people into the clan Conclusion This clan is dedicated to helping you grow in Runescape. Whether it's figuring out how to level your account, or mastering some of Runescape’s hardest content (such as the Inferno and Raids) there are people in this clan willing and wanting to help! Casuals and gamers alike, Grindaholics is a place that can be your home.

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