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  1. SpeakerOfTruth

    ROT Junior: Tempest.

    According to inside sources they’re pulling big, with all members in attendance to their last event guys, they boast about it every topic... oh wait... Here’s the bottom half of the screenshot they don’t share when they boast their member pulls on topics. For those unfamiliar with their ranking system grey means they have no fudgeing clue who you are, blue means they don’t like you but you’re three opts, and pink is a clan friend. We haven’t even gotten the whole list of friends before the ts went off the screen with the you’re just 3 opts crew. Let’s not forget Tempest doesn’t kick from server when they have events, so True can slowly move afker’s into the fight channel when he’s taking these screenshots to maximize the number count.
  2. SpeakerOfTruth

    ROT Junior: Tempest.

    https://www.vr-rs.com/forums/topic/10830/ Tempest is an honor clan. Here they are cheering VR on Wait, what?!!?!?!?!? Did ROT change into Tempest RSN's? No way they did this!?!?!?!? Hypocrisy. Tempest boasts of their "community", yet they continue to cancel their movie nights because only Vanuckle shows up!! -- Just like with Tears of Nancy events LMFAO! (Get on Teamspeak Victoria, Boxerpup, Juri, Krystal etc and 80% of the other Tempest memberlist btw) Cancelled. Cancelled. Just like DI Brian's idea to branch Tempest into P2P. (He is infuriated-- inside sources say this is to avoid 420 Pkers ) Tempest? Or ROT Junior??? Hypocrisy. Tempest SJW member (Circa 2019), hypocrisy? ¿ OR ? (Desperate times call for desperate measures!)

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