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  1. Peteroh92

    Banned for Gold farming

    Hi all, Began re-playing runescape a few days ago after a number of years of not logging on. I spent a while getting used to all the changes and new places. I spent most of the Double XP weekend doing various skilling picking up where I left off. I repurchased membership as I wanted to start re-training my combat stats train against member monsters. I tried to log in a couple of days ago and I got a message that I have been permanently banned for gold farming. I have no idea where this has come from as I spend my entire time since rejoining training. The only thing I can think of is I purchased two runescape bonds which I sold on the GE. I used this money to buy robes for training magic. I assume this is not gold farming because why would they allow them be traded otherwise? I have no way of appealing this ban either as every option on their website seems to bring you to a dead end. This is really frustrating as I purchased my veteran cape and I was excited to recommence playing a game filled with memories from my childhood. Has anyone any suggestions or a way this can be reviewed?

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