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  1. Judging by the rest of your post, I am calling you a liar here. In more ways than one. What the ****. Sorry.
  2. In relation to lockdown itself, I am afraid we may simply have to disagree here. You must understand that lockdown is based upon the wrong human life philosophy already; you say it isn't time to start being philosophical? It has already happened at the top, by the chosen reaction to this virus. Arbitrarily. The powers that be have "decided" for us, and it isn't pretty. Also, philosophies of mind are now going to need to be much more useful during lockdown proceedings, if we must. Start to understand. Scientific research and medical breakthroughs have my support, of course. Yes, alongside and to combat ailments like Covid19, just as people should, by participating in civilization. In an ideal world, when the going gets tough, people work harder around and to combat the problems we face. That is what I have been trying to do. Yes, quite possibly. Note that I never disagreed with this. Open statements. I am totally aware of these historical truths. In fact, they are examples that back up my argument. Remember that with the diseases brought through were also superior technologies that were not shared fairly with native inhabitants, nor were other things like communication forms, and fair expression of religion. Read closely. This exacerbated the problem, and draconian principles like lockdown in today's world are a similar false principle. Lockdown exacerbates the problem. I understand that your intentions are good, as are mine, but I am afraid we must disagree. Just because you apparently have all the so-called factual verbiage does not make you any more correct.
  3. What do you mean by this here? You are the one making the claim of the "every person". What people do you mean and why? I am worried for people's lives, of course. Who are you to say what "every person" claims? I don't understand you. When I said that you didn't know those numbers to a certainty, I meant the Covid19 numbers. That is the topic here, and those numbers are the most likely to be falsified. You are refuting me with information that appears and may be factual, but why not take on some of my more philosophical arguments? Sanctity of human life is not as simple as just preserving as many current human lives as we possibly can. In fact that is a very selfish view indeed, and the reason that lockdown is, for the most part, incorrect. I think this is the core of why we disagreed. I believe that the long term outcome is precedent over the short term sacrifice. I would sooner have a million more people die now instead, should we be able to create more human lives immediately, or to ensure that more human lives are created down the track in civilization, and civilization last longer, yes, creating more human lives. That is what matters.
  4. "Everyone claiming it is harmless"? Don't misquote. When I say that immunities are derived from exposure, that is based on a very encompassing, long term, non-single life analysis model. Exposure does create strengthening, and immunities. Your problem is that you fail to grasp me, "immunities" is not simply a medical term, nor limited to an individual. Have an open mind to medical and societal possibilities. I have been receiving information from other sources which conflicts with claims like yours, yes, from some in the medical community. It is my opinion that Covid19 must behave somewhat differently from a disease like Malaria. The numbers you have just provided me also conflict with what I have been hearing elsewhere. You do not know those numbers to any kind of certainty. Now you may accuse me of being callous, but due to the way in which I perceive the nature of things like death (don't pity the dead, pity the living) I regard that the expense of lockdown too great versus potential lives lost. And there is an "anyhow", here. That being - this virus is clearly very insidious in the manner in which it spreads, particularly the delta strain, which is greatly vaccine resistant. I sense a great deal of inevitability to this problem, even before the virus came about. When the human population explodes we will always be faced with challenges such as these, man made or otherwise (was Covid19 manufactured, hmm?), and I am not afraid of this manner of death, unlike others. For myself, I am not greatly worried about my personal fate when it happens. Others should, but do not, feel the same. I worked happily at three volunteer organizations prior to this lockdown coming about. I want to go back to work. What I am trying to say is that there is something more cosmic at play here. It has always been this way with society, to my mind. People are too selfish about personal safety. Why bring up HIV?
  5. You are hilarious... he said with serious overtones. "Don't let the haircut fool you, I am exceedingly wealthy". For the record, I don't believe in the reaction to this virus, as don't most people, really. People build immunities to viruses through exposure, not isolation and scaremongering. The sacrifice of quality of life is too great for the many; for example, the volunteer organizations at which I work have all been forced to shut whereas businesses like McDonald's are thriving throughout the lower levels of lockdown. I get the vaccine as a token gesture to appease, really, I wish that the small amount of narcissists behind this lockdown nonsense would be exposed for what they really are, and everyone return to their lives. As David Byrne put it; "It takes a lot of time, to push away the nonsense".
  6. No, just ordinary internet over a netbook. Why do you ask? Just had the jab anyhow. No side effects that I can tell. How many people here trust Pfizer?
  7. Sorry to hear you were ill although you took it in your stride by the sound of it, and it is strange that I am getting my second jab too, today, in about an hour from now. Do you think the second jab is more likely to produce side effects? I am about to find out myself.
  8. Is it true that Julian Assange is still being detained and imprisoned by various governments right now, losing his mind? It is no surprise that the organization he founded is becoming corrupted, or does it still even exist at this point?
  9. That kind of thing isn't too uncommon, although it is usually to extort money otherwise. Microsoft are o-so shady. Or at least, plenty of people who work(ed) for these companies may end up scripting viruses and etc. I have been studying cyber security recently, and I have been noticing how the creators of the course tiptoed around this idea. I'm stating the obvious.
  10. I believe that the lineup of quests is vastly different, and becoming more different as months go by. Aside from this graphics are the main difference, but there is something here for people who reminisce about 2007. Old School Runescape is really about reviving the memories of an earlier time, as your article states, a "golden age" that everyone seems to miss.
  11. Sajoh

    The Bible. Myth or Reality?

    Listen to this.
  12. Sajoh

    Drug Questionnaire

    I have tried everything except hard drugs. I am curious about cocaine, but too scared and wise to go through with it, even merely once. Marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol. In New Zealand on a Friday night alcohol is responsible or partially responsible for approximately 50% of police and ambulance callouts. Alcohol creates family abuse statistics and is toxic to the brain stem, alongside drunk driving incidents and other accidents, as well as the emotional/spiritual toll. I personally believe that marijuana and alcohol should exchange places in their legality status, alcohol is far, far more dangerous and a strong government ought to account for this. However, like marijuana prohibition, alcohol prohibition creates more problems than it solves. Alcohol and marijuana need to be regulated. Plenty of the terrible statistics surrounding marijuana are related to the illegality itself, rather than the harms of the drug. As for hallucinogens and psychedelics, these have medicinal and spirituality related properties that are important to make use of correctly in the future, should the world be progressive enough. It is commonly accepted that the correct LSD trip is capable of causing a person to overcome depressive mood states (studies have explored this), and there are plenty of other features to hallucinogens that if used correctly, could benefit millions of people, especially those interested in safe spiritual exploration. Medicine and spirituality ought to mesh these ideas together during one beautiful time, somewhere in the future. Caffeine is useful for staying focused during work, travel and study and therefore has a rightful place under reasonable use. Tobacco needs to be regulated and made safe, whereas tailor-made cigarettes have just got to be eradicated for good. A lot of people in this poll appear to disagree with my views on psychedelics.
  13. Five days ago I received the first of two installations of vaccine. I will be getting my second jab early next month. Luckily for me I responded well to the vaccine, others have had minor ailments such as a temporary flu or even allergic reactions.
  14. Sajoh

    The last person to post here wins

    I'm impressed.
  15. Sajoh

    The last person to post here wins

    Strange. In the past year I have amassed approximately 50M (on OSRS), spending and saving back and forth at the end of that. When I train skills my general rule is "the outcome must be having more money than before while gaining experience". Although considering I am making a Mage Tank, rune spending is an exception to this rule. The idea of making a very extreme defense and magic pure is the outcome of my spending. I think you are a more experienced player than me, how much did you save when you were still playing? I'm familiar with you Mr Max GP. The amount of wealth and experience you have managed to accomplish boggles the mind.

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