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    behind my pc, in the netherlands
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    music, cars, computers, chicks, gaming

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    ima lone pker
  1. rosemania

    Rofl Rap Sucks

    omgawd, yes rap sux, but its the style i hate :P
  2. rosemania

    3rd Fake

    nice idea, but like the orther 2 already said, too many flaws 4.5/10
  3. rosemania

    Nike Or Adidas?

    hmm, dont like nike's, so i choose for the adidas and btw my adidas shoes are pwnage
  4. rosemania

    Are You Cheese?

    ima apple
  5. why wait in the cold ground to be eaten by worms, lol
  6. rosemania

    My Chemical Romance

    MCR is a freaking emo band, and i dont like it :)
  7. rosemania

    Linkin Park

    yeh, its a pretty good album, but not everysong is that good... too bad
  8. rosemania

    Do You Test Beta Programs?

    same here XD
  9. rosemania


    omg..., apple pie is pwnage!!!, i cant live without it, anyway pumpkin is yummi too
  10. and, how is it going with your new staker??? XD
  11. rosemania

    Favorite 1337-speak Word

    noob maybe? :P
  12. rosemania

    Best Country?

    HOLLAND FTW (netherlands =]) WE GOT COOKIES!!!
  13. rosemania

    Washroom Question

    well, my parents thought me it as soon as i started to use the toilet, its kinda normal here
  14. rosemania

    School Grades

    same here =]
  15. rosemania

    School Uniform

    we can wear what we want at our school, you only can get strange reactions if you wear something really stupid =]

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