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  1. I have a 100$ gift card that going to expire soon for best buy and I can't decide what I would like to get... I'm willing to pour a little extra money into whatever it is but I really cant decide. I listen to music a lot and almost never play video games anymore (last game I played was portal over a year ago) so I'm leaning more towards buying speakers over an xbox (which I also considered..) http://www.bestbuy.com/site/RCA+-+Factory-...p;skuId=1580225 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Sony+-+530W+Mi...p;skuId=9846696 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Sony+-+360W+Mi...p;skuId=9846705 Those are the three speakers I'm looking at but I honestly can't tell which is better- help please? (Or suggestions on what to buy... lol)
  2. Peace

    How's It Going In Here?

    Holy cow this is crazy, it's a huge reunion... After a nice three days of nonstop testing I just decide to check up on these forums for old times sake and I am struck by a wave of nostaligia... It's nice to see old names from way back then... :D
  3. Peace

    What Music Do You Listen To?

    I came in here expecting I'd have to post what I listen too... It's rather creepy you posted it for me (aside from the fact disturbed and paramore would be switched out)
  4. Peace

    Worst Laws You've Broken?

    Underage drinking, underage viewing of pr0n, defacing public property, illegaly downloading music (I dun been backtraced ) underage seks, minor arson thingy (though imo it was legal ) and I accidentally stole a book from a library once or twice :/ too many people in a car, umm hacking some peeps and thats about it oh and I changed one of those highway electronic sign things for road constructions message I'm just cool like that
  5. Peace

    Can U Make Friends Easily

    Yah I'm pretty outgoing I'd say I find it pretty easy but I'm one of those people who is "friends with all and hangs out with few" meaning I only have a few people that I actually frequently hang out with
  6. Peace

    Musicians In Sals?

    Just started learning guitar... yesterday I know 3 notes ftw
  7. Peace

    Xp Counter To 100m

    Now I have no reason to have like 50M or something on the counter
  8. When I came to this thread I thought it would be about the old days when runescape had a big player base, sals had constant new members and the posts from 'today' would go to the third page... Truthfully I miss that 'cause friends I made on this forum that have left long ago and the whole forum is dying. Sad to see runescape too is dying- always sad to see a part of your childhood go. :,( But your post just makes you seem like you feel your a runescape elitist- which time on sals doesn't prove your point... and your point seems misconstrued to me
  9. I only go through a little over a thousand texts a day Have I "suffered" a 99 yet? Nope I'm close to 99 def though... but trust me 50 wc isn't that bad. Wc is super non-boring/hard when you get to ivy's. Just click the ivy and start texting away :) thats my amazing motto
  10. Peace

    Rs In Reality

    Fudge that- I'm close to a 99! Only a few more days
  11. Peace

    How Do You Make Friends

    All of the friends I have are from when I actually used to play. 1 rl friend and 3 Best buds I just randomly met 2 best buds that play ocasionaly and the rest of my friends list is just inactive friends I met throught skilling, showing them around, quests, pvp, clans etc.
  12. Peace

    Oh No, Not Another Achievement?

    Thanks everyone! :) Haa np ;) i try to compensate anyway I can :)
  13. I didn't think I would make it before I left for vacation :) Anyway this time I don't have a huge mass of new achievments :) sorry guys
  14. Sadly I'm not rich enough :,( I figure I have to put in about 140 hours from the start :) I expect I'll be done in a month :)
  15. Peace

    Chinchompa Help!

    Depends one what your killing

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