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  1. Sryen

    The Hobbit

    It's all cool then. Thorin and Bombur are great (seriously Bombur's beard braid necklace owns) it's really just Kili that bugs me because he barely looks like a dwarf.
  2. Sryen

    The Hobbit

    Again you're going to extremes. Honestly, I'd say 13 of the dwarves have completely satisfactory beards and manage to look quite distinct, which is why Kili's complete nonbeard bugs me so much. They're clearly capable of differentiating the dwarves while also managing to give them beards, and Kili basically looks very little like a dwarf compared to the rest.
  3. Sryen

    The Hobbit

    I really don't think asking for all the dwarves to have nice beards is asking too much, it's a perfectly valid complaint and I think you guys are extrapolating that into all sorts of arguments for no reason.
  4. Sryen

    18 Year Old "sexting" A 12 Year Old

    That's a bit out of context, but a guy who isn't wearing a shirt is likely trying to attract attention or air out his pits. If the former, then girls will have one reaction or another. I wouldn't say rape, because if he is attracting a positive kind of attention, it probably wouldn't be rape with any girl giving him said attention. why cant a girl wear something revealing and get positive attention? why does it always have to be negative This right here is the very problem with Mr. Fang's viewpoint. As far as I can see, he's either assuming that women can't wear more revealing clothing for any motivation other than displaying that they want to have sex, or assuming that their motivation is irrelevant because that's how men will perceive it, and she should understand that and know better. It's pretty damn sexist either way.
  5. Sryen

    The Elder Scrolls

    This is possible to fix, I had the same problem. It's pretty out of the way, just go through the entire warehouse and keep checking the local map, eventually the symbol for Brinewater Grotto will show up on there, and you can use that to guide you.
  6. Sryen

    The Elder Scrolls

    This is possible to fix, I had the same problem.
  7. Sryen

    The Elder Scrolls

    Definitely agree. I've found myself actually using the stock of potions I have (and not just the healing or magicka ones) and trying to think of what spells and shouts I might need in a given situation. It's way more fun when the fights are actually difficult, and not just mindless hack and slash. Also I'm still in awe that Bethesda designed this game. The dungeon design is absolutely incredible, especially considering Bethesda's track record.
  8. Sryen

    The Elder Scrolls

    Good question. They'll most likely be treated as separate princes, but I have no idea who's going to be the new Sheogorath... maybe Haskill? Or maybe only Jyggalag will have a shrine, but seems unlikely because Bethesda knows everybody loves the prince of madness. :( I'm guessing that Sheogorath will be the same Sheogorath that we already know. My knowledge of ES lore isn't perfect, but I think the idea is that the Champion of Sheogorath mantled him, and will eventually become Sheogorath, the same way Jyggalag turned into him at the end of every Greymarch. Daedric princes can appear however they want to, so I assume when the Champion of Sheogorath completely assumes the role, he'll appear the same as he always did. Real fans would've shouted Fus Roh DAH!
  9. Sryen

    The Elder Scrolls

    Akaviri ruins would be awesome, and would definitely fit. You're correct that Akavir attacked Cyrodill from Pale Pass, so I could definitely see there being a larger influence in Skyrim. Dwemer ruins have also already been confirmed.
  10. Sryen

    The Elder Scrolls

    but it takes so, so long... You're too casual How many tries did it take you to get past the starter dungeon? once. rats r push overs I tried to do it on hardest difficulty but I couldn't even get out of the sewers ;_; So I put it on easiest, got 100% chameleon and switched back to hardest. Now I feel good. 100% Chameleon ruins the exprience i died a lot walkin to the first oblivion gate Every.single.frigging.time.i.tried.to.do.the.first.oblivion.gate.my.npc.tagalong .got.stuck.on.a.rock.and.was.killed.by.an.imp. This was after the same thing happened to me essentially in Fallout 3. I actually tried to restart Oblivion though. And the same thing promptly happened and I rage quit it. If you're talking about the Kvatch Knight you find right when you walk in, I'm pretty sure he's scripted to die really quickly if you don't tell him to turn back anyway.
  11. Sryen

    Sal's 2005 Thread

    http://z4.invisionfree.com/Sals_RS_Forum/i...p?showuser=5094 I'm pretty sure half of my reasoning for quitting Runescape back then was the exclusive pip.
  12. Sryen

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    I don't think the DBS is overpowered or anything, and I understand that it's not even that good of a gun, but it's just plain unfun to play against. I wouldn't miss it if it got flat out removed.
  13. My problem with Naruto is that Sasuke is the least interesting antagonist, or even least interesting character, in anything ever. Seriously I would be happy if he just disappeared and never showed up again. I'm pretty sure I've said this before but it can't be said enough. As far as shounen anime goes it's pretty good, and some of the filler is actually really good, but the manga is definitely way better.
  14. Sryen

    The Elder Scrolls

    Saw them on youtube, didn't know he cheated :(, hopefully they remove all cheats from console version, duplicate is just sooooo tempting I'm sure they will. Any developer who has ever demoed a game at any sort of event uses Godmode or the equivalent, because it would be really awkward and would ruin the demo if they died in the middle of it, or had to waste time on a part that was difficult for them.
  15. Sryen

    Hurricane Irene

    My situation exactly. Probably won't be getting power until the end of the week. Not sure how I'm going to survive. Iguess it could be worse though.

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