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  1. Azllan

    The Stuff Shop

    RS Name?:Azllan Skilling levels?: see sig How active are you?: on most days..but I do have a life outside rs. Are you nice?: Relatively, not abnormally.
  2. Azllan

    Cant Play Runescape

    swiftkit is also a quick, usefull fix, plus bonus features.
  3. If you need a quick sale post here, im buying all low priced items, deal must be in my favor, meaning I must be profiting off the deal. Post here if you have something, im muted for a day.
  4. great for merching, i just need $$$ quick
  5. looks like alot of fighting and racism right now If you have the woodcutting level you can do Yews. They sell quickly and there are a number of locations you can use that are not too far from a bank. What ever you decide to do check out the G.E. history for the item and see how the price pattern is. Maples cut a bit faster, but, I think the price has been dropping recently. Coal sells fairly quickly too along with Law runes. how do i check the history, can someone add me on rs and help me out a bit? Azllan is my username
  6. Azllan

    Making Mony

    If you go to the dungeon with the 2 hellhounds near ardy in p2p and hide behind the stalactite on the right side and arch, mage, or hally the hounds, i find one in every 15 drops a lvl 3 clue scroll.
  7. Hey guys, I've been away for a while, I play division 2 tournament style paintball and I've been traveling around, I recently decided to check out my RS account that I havent touched in over 6 months, and im running low on cash (about 1.1m) so I need some help, any tips on good items to merchant? Or tips to make money? I read the guide on here but it seems a bit outdated.
  8. Azllan

    Is Runescape Going Down Hill?

    I think jagex doesnt want to keep maintaining the game so they are scaring us away, I send an email asking why they are doing this, but guess what? No reply.
  9. Azllan


    too many people are basing their answers on the assumption everyone is christian...
  10. Azllan

    My 15th Birthday Party! Details Inside!

    Thanks man, everyone please post if you are coming, I need to know how much cake I need!
  11. When: Thursday, July 12th @ 12:00 Central Time Where: Party Pete's (outside Seers) Presents: Feel Free To Bring, but I don't really need any, and don't feel you need to. What I Will Be Supplying: 100 Kegs, and Cake for all guests. (Your choice, Chocolate Slice, Or Full Normal Cake) For More Info: Talk to me, Azllan, in-game. Events: 12:00 Keg And Cake Feast And Balloon Pop, Feel Free To Supply Items. 12:40 Castle Wars, Zamorak Side. 1:30 Player House Bash And Trash - My good friend Salesman23 is letting us use his 30+M house!!! 2:00 You Choose (We Will take a vote of what to do until 3:00) 3:00 Gifts, and awards for the top 10 Partyers (Awards supplied by me)
  12. Azllan


    Also, another thing I would like to add is why are people homophobic? I go to the gay/lesbian/bi/trans center (bar) with my dad often, and everyone is nice, from what I can tell people are afraid of them hitting on them, in all reality, most of them wont, they respect and acknowledge that a person is straight and is not looking for a relationship with them. If they do start hitting on you, treat it like if a person of your opposite gender who you didnt like that way was hitting on you, say politely you are not looking for or wanting a close relationship like that, you just want to be friends, like most people, they will understand. People are acting like its such a terrible thing also because its against the bible, so is being muslum, athiast, or jahova's whitness (sp?) a terrible crime too? Becuase they dont believe in the teachings of the bible? I myself am a christian but I find nothing wrong with homosexuals, I find it is even more easy than normal to carry out a nice conversation with them. If you are afraid, I ask you to atleast get to know someone who is homosexual, hang out with them, if you are uncomfortable bring friends along too, just spend a few days and tell me the person was so different from you and me, they wont be, and thats my challenge to you.
  13. Azllan


    I want to tell you all something, my dad is homosexual, he has known this for 7 years, he is the head of the organization he runs which is a group for homosexuals, and I support it all the way. What some people dont get, is homosexuality is not a choice, it is a medical condition. People cannot choose, from birth you are either gay, or straight. This is scientifically proven. Look it up yourself, people who are against homosexuals really need to know that, its like being opposed to people with an illness or a disease, not that I think its a disease, its just different.
  14. Azllan

    Count Down From 1,000,000


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