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  1. Kuittaa

    All Skills 90+ & 90 Fishing

    Congratulations Candi, very impressive! -.-
  2. Kuittaa

    Congratulations Two...

    Grats to both. -.- Also, off-topic. HAI ARIANNA!!!
  3. Kuittaa


    Aye, that's why P is always so <3. :) *hugs to Arianna too btw*
  4. Kuittaa

    Candi & Smokey's Skill Log!

    Congratulations on everything Candi, remarkable job! It has been interesting to check your progress every now and then, and always be amazed of how fast you actually are advancing. ;) Keep it up!
  5. Kuittaa

    I've Been Playing A Bit Again

    Hai P. :)I'm sure you can do 99 slayer eventually, and you know it too. Just take your time and "enjoy" the trip there.
  6. Kuittaa

    Music Recomendations Thread

    Interesting thread. Take a trip. Before Sun rises, start with Enochian Crescent and its unfathomable dark dimensions. After the start continue to accelerate with Behemoth. Soon you'll need a break, where (later) Sentenced is a brilliant choice. As you realise you don't have to hurry THAT much you can explore paths like Battlelore and Moonsorrow. And who knows what can you find at the end of Haggard? When all speed has cooled down and you are just rolling over, enjoy some (early) Theatre of Tragedy. Of course, all this leads that you have taken a lot of time on your trip, so better start to hurry again with Rhapsody; you'll feel reinvigorated and you'll reach the end of the trip. After long hard travelling it is nice to relax with the Pussycat Dolls or Aqua -- your choice.
  7. Kuittaa

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Children Of Bodom -- Trashed, Lost & Strungout. Always cheers up the dull day at work.
  8. Kuittaa

    Congratulations To...

    Congratulations everyone!
  9. Kuittaa

    New Mods? On My Forums?

    Congratulations all three!
  10. Can't really remember for sure, but some vague memory stain states it must have been bronze one.
  11. Kuittaa

    Congratulations To...

    Congratulations to both! Enjoy your new responsibilities (if any).
  12. Kuittaa

    Congratulations To...

    Congratulations to both of you! Enjoy the benefits of free cookies and other imported goods (I think those are still around?)!!!
  13. Kuittaa

    What Forum Does This Go Under

    If you were only trading bolts, then it would go under "fletching...". If you were to trade other smelted items, then your best bet would be "and everything else".
  14. Kuittaa

    New Promotions! Welcome To The Mod Team!

    Congratulations all three. Enjoy and have fun! :lol:
  15. Kuittaa

    Congratulations To...

    Congratulations to Evin290 and Sparhawke. And Steve, so you're back in blue now. Congrats! :P All three, have fun! :P
  16. Kuittaa

    Farming Help Guide

    One more nit-picking post from me: if you compost tomatoes, you'll receive rotten tomatoes instead of compost. I know this almost counts as a spam post...
  17. Kuittaa

    Hug Smilie?

    Hugs are very useful everywhere (both in real life as in "digital life"), so why shouldn't this forum have one smiley for that? Edited an annoying typo.
  18. Kuittaa

    Real Life...... Hm, At Times It Blows

    Finally remembered your blog again. Sorry for not commenting on earlier topics, but I feel one comment is enough - and I don't want to spam allover your blog . On my part, I'm sorry I couldn't spend more time in Lotro with you. I had busy time too, thanks to work. What really bugs me most is that we didn't have time to try out PvMPing together. I would have gladly introduced you to the "wonderful" life of a warg. Of that time we were able to adventure together, I want to thank you. It is always much nicer to do things together with someone you know from somewhere else. Thank you, Paula.About travelling around: at low levels it is big pain. On the other hand, travelling distances are somewhat more limited than in later stages of the game. At level 35 you can buy a horse, which helps quite a lot. Incidentally, hunters can obtain abilities to "teleport" around the world of the ring, and also "teleport" others with them. Every race has one racial "teleport" to homeland's capital. Quick-riding system takes you to another part of the world map in few secs. Everything just needs some levels and training.Of quests... Fellowship (those ones you just can not do alone, except if you're 10+ levels above quest level) quests offer greatest pleasure and challange. Too bad we didn't have time to do them together. However, I agree that certain quests are a tad bit too simple and limited; walking and talking to another guy shouldn't really give experience reward. However, epic quests are very interesting and have a huge big scheme running over the whole game (from level 1 to level 50, from beginning village to very depths of Angmar).That said,*Kuittaa hugs Paula.
  19. Kuittaa

    Farming Help Guide

    Most intresting guide. However, I really don't know what to say. I guess I should read the whole thing through 5-10 times before being able to give any sensible comment, and right now I'm not up for that task. :P One very small thing from personal experience, related to "higher" level farming. I ditched everything else but trees and fruit trees (includes Calquats) for most of my last farming levels. Time wasted / experience gained just was not worth it. If I bothered, I farmed watermelons on Catherby allotments for one reason: to get my pineapples protected. I didn't try to combine Lunar farming (I tested it briefly though) with normal methods, so I can't say this or that about how efficient it alltogether is. However, based on paragraph above, getting quickly to tree spots and banking crops was the most important thing to me.
  20. Kuittaa

    99 Farming

    Finally I can say "finally". I should have gotten this two months earlier, but I guess it is better late than never. The very moment I inspected that pineapple plant was nice and sad at the same time. Nice, because I got that level, and sad because it meant I can retire from RuneScape now for good. I may still do some occasional farming though. However, this means also that I don't have future goals (99 magic, fishing and cooking would have been nice) anymore. The list of people who I would like thank to is quite big, as usual. Above all others I would like thank those who I can call as online-friends. Thank you guys and girls, you are amazing bunch of people. :P
  21. Kuittaa

    99 Farming

    Thanks for all those comments! Such a nice feeling reading all them! :lol: Some more thoughts: I started training the skill about a day or two after it was released, so getting to 99 took quite a long time. I had some weeks when I did not train it at all - that added some time, I grant that. Then I had the luck of having such wonderful people around me, who literally helped me to reach my goal. Some of then have quitted the game several months ago, and I haven't heard of them since. Others, however, are still active at a place or two and I can reach them. On a last day of my membership I took some time for purely showing the emote around for all those people who happened to be on my friend list, and who were online. Of course, with most of them I also shared some "final" words about the game. I remember I said I would log occasionally in and do some farming, but at the moment it is impossible to train it further. Perhaps I'll renew my membership some day. I'll keep the hold of my account, of course. There are some friends I have I can't contact otherwise than being in game, if only for a brief while. Perhaps I'm a bit selfish, but I chosed to keep most of my inventory and bank as well. It is just that tingling feeling on my neck that "I'll be back" (yay, managed to quote the governor of California).
  22. Kuittaa

    99 Farming

    Thank you for your kind words everyone! :P I started farming at the day it was introduced, so that should give some estimation of how long it took. Granted, most of the time I did other things than farming, and had a short break from it every now and then. During last two-three months I had even a week when I did not log in at all. When I was on I simply planted whatever tree and fruit tree seeds I had, protected them and logged off - oh, and shared a small chat occasionally as well. When it comes to real life, I doubt I'll "play" it that much more than earlier. Main reason for my absence in RS can be seen on my sig, and can be squeezed in one word: lotro. :P I will still log in randomly, and I will keep on farming rounds when I log in. Perhaps I log in for a longer time when I'm staying at hotel and have nothing else to do (very unlikely, but possible). Edit: oh yes, IRC still works. I'll be there always (just as I have been there since I joined on #novus). :P
  23. Then please (this is to USA as nation), be so kind and tell us The Official, Absolute Right Way To Rule Country. While at it, please tell us The Official, Absolute Right Way To Live our lives too. Tell us Those People We Should Hate, and Those People Who Are Our Friends. Also, we will try hard to increase our pollution/crimes/riots to The Official Levels. Web page where those are told would be nice too. I feel a bit sorry for my country already, since most likely we won't do as we are told to do. While waiting to be invaded, atleast we can still eat those few Bic Macs that are left, and drink some Coca-Cola too.
  24. Kuittaa

    Gems Question

    You can also obtain quite a load of gems while training thieving skill. Read more about it here: thieving help guide - thieving and crafting.
  25. Kuittaa

    Runescape Accounts. Plz Post This Is A Good Idea

    Yes, it is. But people still do it. My question was how would that work? Would it forbid different IP addresses from logging in? do u mean like if a diff comp wanted to log into my account then yes it should only allow that persons ip address to log in and any other ip adress it should not let it log into the account. so it would help on the sharing accounts rule. EDIT: and yes it would forbid diefferent IP addresses from logging in. And then, all of the sudden those people who have dynamic IPs are POOF! gone, because they can't access their accounts again. Then there are some, who log in from different places for various reasons. What about them?

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