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    Xbox 360 Premium (RIP - RRoD) #1: October 17th, 2006 - December 5th, 2007<br />Xbox 360 Arcade (RIP - 1 Red Ring of DEATH?) #2: December 6th, 2007 - September 28th, 2008<br />Xbox 360 Premium #1: Resurrected September 30th, 2008 - Present Day<br />Xbox 360 Premium (RIP) #1: September 30th, 2008 - October 4th 2008<br />Xbox 360 Premium #1 (Featuring a mini-fan) October 6th, 2008 - Present Day<br />Xbox 360 Arcade #3 - October 15th, 2008 - Present Day

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  1. Ph201

    PC Gaming Club

    Does anyone here play Starcraft? :(
  2. Ph201

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Hello Commander Halfjaw. How are you today?
  3. Ph201

    Historic Events Of Sal's

    Largest Topic (Non Scape Lounge) Created January 2007 here. :(
  4. Ph201

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Does anyone remember the golden CoD 4 days? :(
  5. Meet the Robinsons and Baten Kaitos. Both were great.
  6. Ph201

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Added you! It's been an insanely long time, years and years..
  7. Ph201

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Get Miss Splosion Man. Now.
  8. Ph201

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Why do you not like Nightfire and Halo 1?
  9. Ph201

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    I wanted to snipe the 1,000th page reply longer than you know! It's kind've scary that I made this more than 4 years ago and it's still a place we can chill and talk about something we love. To comment on a more relevant note to what Morte said, I've always agreed on the point that a game is simply not worth buying if it doesn't have multiplayer. The $60 I spent on Call of Duty 4 may have been the best use of my money ever for the amount of time and fun I had from it. The campaign, although mind-blowing, was like a drop in in the ocean. The same can be said for Gears of War 1. Multiplayer is at this point more important than a campaign. I don't know what I would've thought of that in the Gameboy Pokemon trading days! The two past games that I did spend $60 on with no multiplayer (I think..) would be Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 1. Mass Effect 1's campaign was actually so long it bored me to tears after the first go through. Mass Effect 2 was purposely shorter and more epic (more fun) than the first one, but when I finished it, I sighed a painful sigh. Bioshock 1 was engaging and awesome, game of the year from a non multiplayer standpoint, but still a waste of my money. At this point, even more so than the 2007-2008 era with an online community bustling as great as it is, there is no excuse to not include multiplayer. The technology is there, tried and true. EDIT: Lol just saw Samsara's pity post towards me for which I'm grateful! :D This thread got to 20,000 posts before I myself could get 10,000. I am disappoint. The reason for my lack of activity on here and Xbox has been that no game has taken me by storm like CoD 4, Halo 3, Gears 2, or MW2. Black Ops was cool after a half month but I simply got bored of it. I need another Infinity Ward revelation. Anyone know how good Bulletstorm is? (My current hope for sunshine is Gears 3)
  10. Ph201

    Unofficial Official Starcraft Discussion

    Anyone play on the NA servers at all? Ever?
  11. Ph201

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Add Splosion Man to that list and it's great.
  12. Ph201

    Kinect Claims Its First Victim

    This is why Kinect is dangerous. It keeps humans from sitting on the couch safe and sound!
  13. Ph201

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    It's being leaked for a few days now, forceload has being out for ages... wish I had a JTAG Don't need one.. Haha. You make me jealous @Doddsy None of my friends have JTAGs, most of them don't even know what they are/have PS3s instead... I have it for PS3, I do not have a JTag, you do not need a JTag Well then why are you posting in the Xbox 360 topic? Also, I don't have PS3 :/ Because you all seem to really care about Black Ops, and all I did was walk in to a store and buy it. Also, the PS3 matchmaking is online, I assume Xbox is too. Which store, may i ask? :) Tesco. Every little helps ;P While you're there pick up a lasagna sandwich. I'm sure they're not awful Ok, so now I've reached a dilemma. Should I get Assassins Creed Brotherhood first or Black Ops? defiantly black ops Well my problem is I'm not that excited for Black Ops, but I am for Assassins Creed. I know I'm going to love Black Ops, but I'm not excited for it. Love/quality beats hype. Hype becomes useless after release.
  14. Ph201

    Starcraft 2

    I feel like I could be enjoying it much more if I was a robot.
  15. Ph201

    Starcraft 2

    Oh my stars why has this topic not been created? Anyone else play?

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