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  1. lil christo5

    Teh Unicorn

    gratz on 88 summoning
  2. lil christo5

    Cheap Ranged Training.

    i just started doing avainies and wow .. the cash is awsome. as some-one said before the gear is in terms of other things pretty cheap and profitable ... i'd stay there -.-
  3. lil christo5

    ☼ Don Tex Industries ☼

    Hey, what do you want me to do .. i haven't been very active lately? i can do anything -.-
  4. lil christo5

    ~~ Christo M16's Log To Success ~~

    Temple of Ikov:
  5. lil christo5

    German Shmoe Smells!

    Gratz on 95 cooking -.- only 4 of the hardest levels to go :)
  6. lil christo5

    90 Agility :>

    wow nice job on both and 89 and 90 ... i dunno how you do it .. i can't bear it at 44 -.-
  7. lil christo5


    haha nice job on the 15mil HP experience -.-
  8. lil christo5

    Runescape Acronyms & Abbreviations

    not many people use it but it's still around "iirc which stands for if i recall recorrectly"
  9. lil christo5

    99 Krafting With A K

    Gratz on 99 crafting -.-
  10. lil christo5

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    how do we join .. i'm consisdering it? nvm .. i'm GMT +10 i'd never see youz
  11. lil christo5

    Mod Fail

    hmm .. kinda noob reporting even if it was a "website advertising" .. that is her job
  12. lil christo5

    Look At This Guys Name...

    lol fail name -.-
  13. lil christo5

    Khairo's Progress To Become A Pharoh

    Sweet log so far -.- .. good luck with becoming a "pharoh" lol :)
  14. lil christo5

    ~~ Christo M16's Log To Success ~~

    Thanks -.- and aww ... how come they are too big .. i did crop them ...
  15. lil christo5

    ~~ Christo M16's Log To Success ~~

    Thanks :) Mining is ftw <3, REd ele is awsome :P Thanks for the comment :)

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