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  1. guitar x4

    X Games Jake Brown Falls

    that was sick i saw it
  2. guitar x4

    Image Type

    when i try to save stuff on gimp it wont save unless i make it jpeg and if i do that its not transparent! what do i do? :(
  3. guitar x4

    Pip Request

    Render: HERE ( flip 90 degrees counter clockwise) Font: Villager Text: Fallen Skater Colors: Blue and black Scanlines: Yes
  4. guitar x4

    This Or That!

    Oh... nothing, only the best band ever... Numb? I don't care Linkin Park is terrible! Skateboard or BMX Bike?
  5. guitar x4

    This Or That!

    Myself... well, my hand. Iron Maiden or Rob Zombie
  6. guitar x4

    ~¤~welcome To Mc. Donalds!~¤~

    Ba da da da duuum I'm in the hospital! :P
  7. guitar x4

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
  8. guitar x4

    Pe Underbanner Shop

    Underbanner Request Size: 350*19 Colors 2 Max): purple and black Text: Rock On! Render (Supply image yourself!): http://www.poweralley.com/Jackson/Jackson%20PC1%20purple.jpg Font (Default- Visitor): Visitor Font Color (Default- White): White Scanlines (Y/N): Y Shine (Y/N):N Animation:None
  9. guitar x4

    Need A Avatar

    hope u like it
  10. guitar x4

    Underbanner Request

    Thanks to all of you but I like hounds the best...
  11. guitar x4

    Underbanner Request

    Render: HERE Backround: Orange Text: Fireman owns you! Info: put him on the left side and cut off the text in the corner if you can THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
  12. srry i cant find the exact link to download it but if u can post it in another post that would be helpful ^_^:D:yay:
  13. guitar x4

    Free Sigs [bumped. Closed.]

    size- whatever fits render-http://planetrenders.net/renders/displayimage.php?pos=-12335 backround- dark red text- (top) SLAYER (bottom right corner) GUITAR X4 THANKS in advance!
  14. guitar x4

    My First Non Halo Graphic[rtf]

    lol i likey 7.5/10

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