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  1. guitar x4

    X Games Jake Brown Falls

    that was sick i saw it
  2. guitar x4

    Image Type

    when i try to save stuff on gimp it wont save unless i make it jpeg and if i do that its not transparent! what do i do? :(
  3. guitar x4

    Pip Request

    Render: HERE ( flip 90 degrees counter clockwise) Font: Villager Text: Fallen Skater Colors: Blue and black Scanlines: Yes
  4. guitar x4

    This Or That!

    Oh... nothing, only the best band ever... Numb? I don't care Linkin Park is terrible! Skateboard or BMX Bike?
  5. guitar x4

    This Or That!

    Myself... well, my hand. Iron Maiden or Rob Zombie
  6. guitar x4

    ~¤~welcome To Mc. Donalds!~¤~

    Ba da da da duuum I'm in the hospital! :P
  7. guitar x4

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
  8. guitar x4

    Pe Underbanner Shop

    Underbanner Request Size: 350*19 Colors 2 Max): purple and black Text: Rock On! Render (Supply image yourself!): http://www.poweralley.com/Jackson/Jackson%20PC1%20purple.jpg Font (Default- Visitor): Visitor Font Color (Default- White): White Scanlines (Y/N): Y Shine (Y/N):N Animation:None
  9. guitar x4

    Need A Avatar

    hope u like it
  10. guitar x4

    Underbanner Request

    Render: HERE Backround: Orange Text: Fireman owns you! Info: put him on the left side and cut off the text in the corner if you can THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
  11. guitar x4

    Underbanner Request

    Thanks to all of you but I like hounds the best...
  12. srry i cant find the exact link to download it but if u can post it in another post that would be helpful ^_^:D:yay:
  13. guitar x4

    Free Sigs [bumped. Closed.]

    size- whatever fits render-http://planetrenders.net/renders/displayimage.php?pos=-12335 backround- dark red text- (top) SLAYER (bottom right corner) GUITAR X4 THANKS in advance!
  14. guitar x4

    My First Non Halo Graphic[rtf]

    lol i likey 7.5/10

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