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    hk number1
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    Not Sure
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  1. the killer

    70 Slayer 95 Str And More

    Congratz on all skills. You pwn me donky200.
  2. the killer

    Oh Em Gee.

    I wish i had tht much money!
  3. the killer

    What Kind Of Computer Do You Have?

    My computer is desktop but it was expensive.
  4. the killer

    Traveling :d

    i wish i could but i cant
  5. the killer

    Have You Pirated?

    Yes I download music.
  6. the killer

    Rice,porridge Or Noodles

    noodles are the best!
  7. the killer

    How Many Baths/showers Do You Have A Week?

    usually 7.one everyday
  8. the killer

    Yay Fake Lvl

    4/10 good idea but the writing is too dark and level up pic is white background
  9. the killer

    My Wins And Stakes

    congratz on all the wins stonewall337!
  10. the killer

    Trade Spammed

    lmao i love it! 10/10
  11. the killer

    Eat This Book Noob!

    nice fake 9/10
  12. the killer

    1337 World

    lol its probably real
  13. the killer

    Rainbow Man....

    7/10 I wish you could really get that
  14. the killer

    What Language Can You Speak?

    english and learning japanese

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