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  1. MrBombi

    How Long Would It Take For 99 Wc

    Well, it took me almost 4 months from your exact level, using a dragon axe with willows, but it should be faster with ivy.
  2. MrBombi

    Torag Or Torso

    Torag all the way! It's one of the best platebodies in members, if not the best one.
  3. MrBombi

    A Programmer's Challenge

    Amen, dude. II'd eliminate lag from the face of the Earth.
  4. Yeah, I think it's very repetitive and boring. Jagex should make it so you can walk around using the arrow keys or use the num-pad to cast spells. That's all I can think about right now.
  5. MrBombi

    Does Anybody Use This Technique?

    Sometimes, when I mine runite.
  6. MrBombi


    You were lucky to find a noob. :P
  7. MrBombi

    Will You Be Playing Mechscape?

    I'm gonna check it out when it comes out, but I have the feeling my computer won't be good enough to play it. =\
  8. MrBombi

    Flea Market Montgomery...

    It's just like... it's just like... a mini mall. This guy is hilarious :P
  9. MrBombi

    Fini's Log - Latest: 89 Defence

    Fininub15 is back? It seems your fated to play RuneScape for all eternity. :( It's great to have you back. It's like we changed places, you're in, and I might be out. By the way, you have my full support.
  10. MrBombi

    91 Runecrafting

    Double party just when I'm banned.
  11. MrBombi

    Me And My Chromatophoric Friend

    That's one cool level, Don! Maybe you'll get both 99's at the same time like I said before? That'd be great! :(
  12. MrBombi

    It's No Hilt, But..

    You lucky bas... fellow! I wish I could get those drops (yeah, right, I've never been to Godwars ).
  13. I think you forgot to let me know about this. Missed the "traditional" PM gratz.
  14. MrBombi

    I've Played Runescape All This Time...

    Oh em eff gee! Gratz on that shmexi total level, Giggo! I wish I could have been there. :sadface:
  15. 100 Combat? Fire cape? 20m and 800k?! Wow! I think this was a good week for you.

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