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  1. Well, my main got banned in 2013 because someone got a hold of it and botted farming (I think it was farming), and my other account that I had maxed was hacked (I assume by the same dude), and Jagex support shut down any attempts of me getting it back so I quit in 2014 for real for real even though I tried to get back into clanning at that time. Since then, I got my bachelor's degree in psych and I'm currently finishing up a masters in computer science. On the gaming side of things, I still play your everyday stuff like Halo, Fortnite, and CoD but at a more recreational level than as seriously as I took runescape back then
  2. 8 years later, I think it's time for a rematch.
  3. I guess to make it short is that I miss clanning and everyone that I did clan with. I recently got back into playing RuneScape this past summer with some real-life friends and though it's okay, what made RuneScape fun for me was being in a clan, and pking, and warring, and having beef with other clans, and the whole community. That's a lot of and's but that's how I feel. :( I tried 07Runescape, but it's just that I don't want to start over again and RS3 isn't that bad even though I don't like EoC. Are any of you still out there or feel the same way?
  4. I think it's safe to say that Runescape died a while ago for many clanners and there's nothing that'll bring them back. It feels as if everyone has moved on for the most part.
  5. This is for a good cause, help my friend get this to trend #BasharHates <-- It's pretty much for raising awareness for Syria and the Syrian revolution, it's for a great cause and I hope many of you can help participate in and bring attention to it by helping it to trend on twitter.
  6. I finally got promoted to warlord in Divine Forces, I use a friend's account
  7. Do you all think that Sal's CD could possibly return with the wilderness coming back?
  8. I freaking love you Pred, I don't know what happened either. I'm just like you!
  9. I decided to post this topic. I posted this years ago in this forum before and I thought I'd bring it back because I am awesome. [b]How long have you been clanning? (How long have you clanned if you retired)[/b] [b]How long have you been playing RuneScape?[/b] [b]What was the first clan you ever joined?[/b] [b]What was probably your more favorite clan or a clan that was your um, "Soul Clan,"and why?[/b]
  10. Yeah Ryan, I don't think they look around here anymore because nothing really happens besides the occasional random topics.
  11. You disgrace me Christ0pher, you can't even spell Christopher right! Anyways, I am in this team which should be all of the more reason to fight us.
  12. Um, well I think because the clan world is supposedly dying and the larger, better, more established clans are doing nothing, I don't think it would be possible to get this forum back to the activity it once had. I guess that would only happen if we were to relive old memories. So yeah, in other news, I am awesome. I retired from everything back in May though I regret leaving FT days before it closed.
  13. Hey man, you're like almost 2 months early!
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