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  1. Well, my main got banned in 2013 because someone got a hold of it and botted farming (I think it was farming), and my other account that I had maxed was hacked (I assume by the same dude), and Jagex support shut down any attempts of me getting it back so I quit in 2014 for real for real even though I tried to get back into clanning at that time. Since then, I got my bachelor's degree in psych and I'm currently finishing up a masters in computer science. On the gaming side of things, I still play your everyday stuff like Halo, Fortnite, and CoD but at a more recreational level than as seriously as I took runescape back then
  2. Ahmad

    Elite Order Vs Ronin

    8 years later, I think it's time for a rematch.
  3. I guess to make it short is that I miss clanning and everyone that I did clan with. I recently got back into playing RuneScape this past summer with some real-life friends and though it's okay, what made RuneScape fun for me was being in a clan, and pking, and warring, and having beef with other clans, and the whole community. That's a lot of and's but that's how I feel. :( I tried 07Runescape, but it's just that I don't want to start over again and RS3 isn't that bad even though I don't like EoC. Are any of you still out there or feel the same way?
  4. Ahmad

    Thoughts about Sals forums?

    I think it's safe to say that Runescape died a while ago for many clanners and there's nothing that'll bring them back. It feels as if everyone has moved on for the most part.
  6. This is for a good cause, help my friend get this to trend #BasharHates <-- It's pretty much for raising awareness for Syria and the Syrian revolution, it's for a great cause and I hope many of you can help participate in and bring attention to it by helping it to trend on twitter.
  7. Ahmad


    I finally got promoted to warlord in Divine Forces, I use a friend's account
  8. I decided to post this topic. I posted this years ago in this forum before and I thought I'd bring it back because I am awesome. [b]How long have you been clanning? (How long have you clanned if you retired)[/b] [b]How long have you been playing RuneScape?[/b] [b]What was the first clan you ever joined?[/b] [b]What was probably your more favorite clan or a clan that was your um, "Soul Clan,"and why?[/b]
  9. Do you all think that Sal's CD could possibly return with the wilderness coming back?
  10. Ahmad

    It's Not You, It's Me.

    I freaking love you Pred, I don't know what happened either. I'm just like you!
  11. Ahmad

    Oh, Hi.

    Yeah Ryan, I don't think they look around here anymore because nothing really happens besides the occasional random topics.
  12. You disgrace me Christ0pher, you can't even spell Christopher right! Anyways, I am in this team which should be all of the more reason to fight us.
  13. Ahmad

    It's Been A While.

    Um, well I think because the clan world is supposedly dying and the larger, better, more established clans are doing nothing, I don't think it would be possible to get this forum back to the activity it once had. I guess that would only happen if we were to relive old memories. So yeah, in other news, I am awesome. I retired from everything back in May though I regret leaving FT days before it closed.
  14. Ahmad

    Sotw 85

    Hey man, you're like almost 2 months early!
  15. Ahmad

    Just My Better Works...

    Heh, thanks for the positive comments, I honestly forgot I ever posted this.
  16. Ahmad

    Sotw 85

    Just got this done. Uh-oh!
  17. Ahmad

    Sotw 84 Voting

    I'm pretty sure its only been a few hours.
  18. Ahmad

    Sad World That We Live In...

    Definition of a Cwa Clan. Really? No, we thrived when Bounty hunter first came out. We developed because of what we did in BH, but when BH was turned to single, we couldn't do anything. CWA was the only thing and we were great at that too. In fact, we had at least 20% more people come to our BH fights than CWA fights because they knew we would win. Everyone knew we would win in that PvP type situation. What are you going to do when JaGex takes out BH, stop fighting? At least we continued with the clan and became great at fighting in CWA.
  19. Ahmad

    Sotw 84

    yo bro i cleverly added my muhammad ali sig with his red boxing gloves so i didnt meen u anymore!!!! woo Why are you still on this? Are you some sort of little kid with no life? I already said, I don't care anymore, get on with it. ok chillax y r u still on it Cool story bro!
  20. Ahmad

    Sotw 84

    yo bro i cleverly added my muhammad ali sig with his red boxing gloves so i didnt meen u anymore!!!! woo Why are you still on this? Are you some sort of little kid with no life? I already said, I don't care anymore, get on with it.
  21. Ahmad

    Sotw 84

    Look, as of 3 months ago, I have lost interest in this forum so if you think it's cheating, then I don't care. If you want to remove it, go ahead, nothing is stopping you.
  22. Ahmad

    Sotw 84

    Looks like he didn't, like I said, I added/remove effects and this isn't black and white. So it would actually be a week old as of today.

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