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  1. Mulligrubber

    Neoskillers Skill Clan

    Wow, nice banner :D Anyway azzy, best of luck with Neoskillers -Mulli
  2. Mulligrubber

    !sig Contest!

    EDIT: Entries close tonight, if anyone still wishes to enter please hurry up!!!
  3. Mulligrubber

    !sig Contest!

    i wont be voting so i dont see the problem...
  4. Mulligrubber

    !sig Contest!

    I wanted to do a contest so I'm starting one :D Rules: Graphic Type: Signature Theme: Music Must be a new graphic with the name of the person entering on it somewhere Entries close: 16th August Condition of Winning: first to 5 votes Anyone can enter so please do! Other than that, its free game ENTRIES: 1) Mulligrubber: 2) Ellie: 3) iSkill 4) 5)
  5. Mulligrubber

    !cookies! Competition Voting!

    lol, is there a prize for last place? XD
  6. Mulligrubber

    !cookies! Competition Voting!

    Don't look at me, I'm still at 0
  7. Mulligrubber

    !cookies! Signature Competition

    we have five entries does that mean that voting starts now or can more people enter? also, die, good luck man, nice sig :/
  8. Mulligrubber

    I Have Gimp But...

    Ok, to get a transperent file: File > New Image Then a box comes up and you select you're size and then click the + next to advanced options, Where is says something like "Background" click and go down to transperancy, then you should see just grey boxes to show the transperency... Hope that helped :P
  9. Mulligrubber

    Piracy Vs. Hound169

    Piracy's for me, i <3 the render and the simplicity
  10. Mulligrubber

    !cookies! Signature Competition

    ooo, i wanna enter: I got bored of the yellow :o ^_^
  11. Mulligrubber

    Game Improvements

    I love this, it saves so much time and bother !!!

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