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  1. Super Mario

    Help Me Out Here

    MMMMMMM...........unfortunately, it's those "other verses" that i'm wondering about! something about "they're all (something)about you" then there's one more verse. I'm telling you, buy it off of itunes and listen to it (if you can)
  2. Super Mario

    Help Me Out Here

    Ok, so i got "wake me up when september ends" by greend day, when they were live in foxboro,ma, september 3, 2005. It 's an ok song, but if you hear the beginning of it, they're chanting something but i can't make out the words. something about "nobody likes you, everyone likes you"i honestly don't know what it means. If you buy it on itunes and listen to the whole thing, you'll know what i'm talking about. If you have any idea about what's going on w/ the chanting at the beginning, please tell me. It's been bugging me to death!
  3. Super Mario

    Patriots Are 16-0 *

    The Giants choked, they had a twelve point lead and blew it, Manning threw a late game interception, and they burned a lot of clock in the huddle w/ like three minutes left instead of going no-huddle. And by the way, I THINK THE PATRIOTS CHEATED!!!!!!( and I think that Roger Clemens took steroids, and that A-Rod will break the all time home run record, and that the Tour De France is dead, etc.)
  4. Super Mario

    What's Your Dæmon?

    I got halfway through the test, then i remembered that I don't worship the devil either!
  5. Super Mario

    Madden 08

    I own Madden 03,05,06,07, and I just got 08. And my one biggest pet peeves: I have to have it on the Madden 05 Controller Setting. And on Madden 08, you can't change it at all!!!!!! It's set as default and you can't modify it whatsoever. It makes me so mad! That throws me off entirely, now i can't play as good as I used to! (no jokes please) I'm so mad about this, now I'm gonna have to adjust to this stupid controller system (or lack of!) Other than that, it's a pretty good game, although that Fantasy Challenge is kinda confusing. What do you think of this game? And is this controller system thing only on Gamecube, or what? Please Reply
  6. Super Mario

    Mitchell Report

    Andy Pettite admitted using HGH for two days to recover from an injury. He said, "I wasn't looking for an edge, I was looking to heal." BUT: healing faster and getting healthy ahead of schedule unaturally is CHEATING! I prove my point. (and again, I'm beating MYSELF since I'm a die hard Yankees fan)
  7. Super Mario

    Mitchell Report

    It's a shame, and it's even worse is that they knew that this was coming and THEY STILL DIDN"T CONFESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean dude, confess, like Andy Pettite (although his was after the report) and get it over with!!!!! I am disappointed, and most teams that had Mitchell Report players got rid of them beforehand, like Miguel Tejada. I just hope more will confess in the days/weeks/months ahead.
  8. Super Mario

    Who Like Pro Wrestling

    It's ok, but so predictable, right when a favorite is about to lose..........some freak comes out of the lockerroom and helps the juggernaut.
  9. Super Mario

    Rollins Gets N.l. Mvp

    Sure, Rollins had 25 steals, 15 triples, blah blah blah, a bunch of stats with 5s at the ends. But I think that Holliday should've been the MVP. Led the N.L. in RBIs, hits, and total bases. And he got his team to the world series, where did jimmy rollins get the phillies??? a first round sweep by......none other than matt holliday's rockies!
  10. Super Mario

    Alex Rodriguez Wins Al Mvp

    Yay, i knew he was gonna win it, holliday should win the n.l. mvp
  11. Super Mario

    Favorite Comercials?

    Idk, too many favorites, probably..........the Bud Light commercial when they're at the opera.
  12. Super Mario

    Barry Bonds Indicted

    Finally! The red sea has parted! The sky looks brighter!! Hallejulah, Barry Bonds is gonna get what he deserves, jail time, and more than likely, a big fat, turkey sized, ASTERISK!!!!
  13. Super Mario

    Around The Horn

    Bill Plaschke, J.A. Adande, Bob Ryan, Jay Mariotti, Michael Smith, Woody Paige, Jackie Macmullan, Kevin Blackistone, Tim Cowlishaw. Those are all of the "regulars".
  14. Super Mario

    Around The Horn

    My favorite t.v. show is "Around The Horn" on ESPN @ 5pm eastern time. It's a sport show that debates the latest sports topics. I was wondering if any of you watched it, and if you did, what you thought of it.
  15. Super Mario

    Another Number 2 Team Lost!

    UGH! How about Kansas and Hawaii , two of the only three unbeatens left, show 'em some love! as for the polls, i think Lsu should be #2

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