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  1. Callum_2a

    Zombie Apocalypse

    OOC: Alright, will do. IC: A hand tugged at Morse's hand, and he twisted his wrist and thrusted his combat knife into that rotting face. He then turned around and fired two consecutive shots of his pistol at a zombie, one at the torso and one at the head. The zombie wouldn't be bothering anyone anymore. Quickly he flicked the gun over his shoulder, and checked every conceivable angle that something could come from around him. There was nothing but silence. He was safe for now. He looked at the dead bodies on the floor around him, and in particular a young, blonde, uniformed man lying still on the floor, with his light blue eyes wide open. Morse sighed and bent down. "Recquiesat in pace," he muttered, closing his eyelids. He then proceeded to strip the soldier of the patrol of his ammunition, as well as the other soldiers of theirs on the floor; they wouldn't be needing it where they were going. He then stood up, preparing to leave, before noticing something odd. He counted the numbers of soldiers on the floor and paused. He's not here. Morse looked along the dirt for clues, and noticed a faint trail of blood leading about ten metres away beyond some bushes, and Morse cautiously followed it. As he got to the end of the trail, he found a body at the end of it. A breathing body. As the man raised his head, Morse could see that he was wounded. "So it comes down to this...", the man spat, his deep wounds dripping with blood. "What can I say, karma," Morse replied unsympathetically. The man lying injured on the ground appeared to be angry, but he couldn't do anything. He was almost unable to move. Stuttering, the man tried to get to his feet and grabbed onto Morse's shoulder. "H-help me," he pleaded, tears forming in his eyes. Morse removed the hand from his shoulder,and threw the man backwards, who staggered and fell to the ground. "After what you did to me?" he questioned aggressively. "I'd rather see you suffer." With that, Morse walked slowly away from him towards a nearby cave, leaving him to the scavengers, unless he succumbed to the infection first. "MORSE!" Morse paused, and turned one last time. "You're going to hell!" the man screamed, before sinking deeper to the floor. Morse's expression remained unchanged. "I'm already in hell," he replied, and turned his back on the dying man.
  2. Callum_2a

    The Land Of Habok

    OOC: Is there any point writing a new application to join the roleplay for this chapter, or shall I just wait until after the epilogue to make a character?
  3. Callum_2a

    Zombie Apocalypse

    Is it too late to apply? If not, here's my app. Name: Morse Gender: Male Age: 32 Appearance: Dark brown hair, short back and sides. Light green eyes, stubble around his chin. Height is 6"4, and he is relatively fit and muscular. Often tends to sport a pair of scruffy white trainers, dark blue jeans and a smart checked shirt. He also carries shades, that he occasionally wears. Background: Born into a somewhat well off family, the son of a businessman, he was brought up with a good education. He took a degree at the University of Yale in Law, and after graduating at university he decided to join the Los Angeles Police Department. He remained in the LAPD for a few years, he enjoyed the job and it was good pay. However during a murder case, one of his colleagues framed him for a murder after he had got a promotion, and Morse was sentenced to a life jail term. During his jail sentence he became known by his surname, Morse, and he's stuck with it ever since. In 2011, new evidence appeared that suggested Morse wasn't the murderer after all, and he was eventually released in 2012. If he was honest though, it seemed more like hell out in the real world than in the prison.
  4. Callum_2a

    April Fools!

    Gotta admit, I didn't realise it was an April Fool joke until the mass promotions, the big argument was pretty convincing. Well played. :D
  5. Callum_2a

    Congratulations To...

    I miss the member pip already. He was so young. :D
  6. Callum_2a

    Congratulations To...

    There's too much blue! :D
  7. Callum_2a

    Merry April Fools

    seems you were right after all easl. :P Gotta admit, they put on a darned good act. xD
  8. Callum_2a

    Behind The Scenes - April 2011

    I lol'd. So have they actually put some of these ingame, or just posted it as News?
  9. Callum_2a


  10. Callum_2a


    What if I like being a headless chicken? :P
  11. Callum_2a


    Suppose so, but it really doesn't seem like one with all the extreme negative reactions, plus it isn't even April Fool's Day. To be honest though, at this rate, I really can't see anything being done for april fools. :/
  12. Callum_2a


    @Easl, I can see where you're coming from, but it could definitely do w/o all the hatin'. And thanks
  13. Callum_2a


    Heya Fabis, long time no see. ^_^
  14. Callum_2a


    Just got back after a long period of inactivity, and I was not expecting this. D:

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