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  1. Darker Falz

    Is Slayer A Good Way Of Making Money?

    It depends on your slayer level. At <85, not really. 85 and beyond, however, it starts to be good. I'm 79 slayer at the moment, and I'm almost breaking even. Drag tasks (bank bones/hides if they drop), Abby specs, black demons (banking ashes), and warped torts are good cash under 83/85 slayer.
  2. Darker Falz

    86-99 Magic?

    I'm at 86 magic myself, and it'll cost ~17,7m to get to 96. I'd assume that plank make is a bit less than that, but I didn't do the math yet. (The 17,7m is just the astral costs, I dunno how much you get from selling the strung amulets to the rogue) I suggest either stringing or planking to 99 to get it fast, and superheating if you want to spend less but get it a bit slower. I think that superheating either steel or mith makes a profit. Good luck to ya!
  3. Darker Falz

    What Should I Do For Barrows?

    Gear + inventory? And, I want to do more than 1 chest per trip, that's just me. I'd rather see more loot in one inv in about 30 mins than less in one inv in 5-10 mins. I'm not too sure how long runs take.
  4. Darker Falz

    What Should I Do For Barrows?

    I might try barrows again sometime, what gear/set-up should I take? Stats: 87 Attack 86 Strength 86 Defense 84 Range 80 Prayer 82 Mage Gear and stuff: Zammy spear, karil's top/bottom, torso, verac's skirt, nezzy helm, whip, korasi's sword, black sally, ancient magicks, all 3 voids w/o deflector, elite void top. Don't have: Chaotics, overloads/extremes, soul split/turmoil. Should I melee the brothers, should I mage, or what? Hopefully getting more than 1 run/trip. Also, what would the best kill count to get be? 5 or so?
  5. Darker Falz

    Slayer Tasks

    Meh, black demons aren't at all fun for me, so I blocked them for that reason.
  6. Darker Falz

    Slayer Tasks

    The only reason I'll probably block velds is because I don't see them as useful to me. Sure, cannoning them is good slayer xp, but that's a waste of cash, and I don't know about the charm count. Non-cannoning is as slow as hell. Cash is my main reason for canceling/blocking, because I want to gain cash for 96 magic. LRC take a long time, and I can't even mine the minerals, so that's a total fail. Also, they take so long to kill, at my stats. I hate LRC, because they're so slow, so that's a prime candidate for blocking. I also can't mine the minerals, so I basically break even, if that, sometimes. Again, I'm saving for 96 magic. I'd train mining up, but I can't stand it. I'll train it on stars, but that's about it. In my first post, I said that I already have black demons blocked. :D
  7. Darker Falz

    Slayer Tasks

    I'll probably block wyverns, LRC (just because I hate then with a passion) and either kalphites or bloodvelds (kalphites because they're annoying, velds because I don't feel like buying a ton of cannonballs to go cannon with each time). Thanks for the info guys!
  8. Darker Falz

    Account Trouble

    It's happening to me also. Hope this gets fixed. Edit: I just got the spinning wheel with it telling me to wait.
  9. Darker Falz

    Slayer Tasks

    I follow guides on them. Using exactly what they say, I get 10 kills
  10. Darker Falz

    Slayer Tasks

    I can't kill wyverns correctly though. I get about 10 kills per trip
  11. Darker Falz

    Slayer Tasks

    I'm currently 78 slayer, and I can block 4 tasks. I'm currently blocking Black Demons, because they're just too annoying. What else should I block? LRC, because I can't mine the remains? Kalphites because they're so annoying? Wyverns because I'm so inefficient there? Also, I've taken to canceling hellhounds, bloodvelds, LRC, wyverns, and greaters. Should I keep doing them, or continue canceling them? Thanks in advance! ^^
  12. I toss snowballs around, and take the phat. My phat.
  13. Darker Falz

    Tds Help

    Well, the guide gives an inv for a uni, and I'm not sure what inv to use for a titan. If I use the uni inv, I have a feeling that I'll get killed really fast. But 'll try that setup. Are you sure I shouldn't use broads? Diamond (e) are really expensive, and don't seem worth it. Dia E are not expensive. You only need a couple hundred with Ava's Accumulator... This is a moot point because I'll be using broads/soul wars cape, as told to me earlier in the topic. What I'm really looking for now is why I'm failing hard at killing these tds. I think I'm doing everything the correct way, but since I can't make a vid, I can't show you what I'm doing.
  14. Darker Falz

    Tds Help

    I'm having a problem. I can't get more than1 kill/trip at tds. I keep getting hit 200+ when they change attacks, and they get stuck when I try to lure them away from me. Any suggestions? Before you say anything, I know how to pray switch. I switch when they change attacks, but they still hit 200+ on me before the prayer activates, or even when it's activated.

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