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    I love to read manga,Shanen jump is my favorite manga.I like to read comics and watch anime to.I LOVE playingf video games a lot.<br /><br />List of Anime books i read:<br />love hina<br />bleach<br />naruto<br />fruits basket<br />death note<br />one piece<br /><br />List of Anime i watch:<br />inu yasha<br />bleach<br />naruto<br />one piece<br />dragon ball z<br />full metal alchmesist<br />much much more!<br /><br />List of video games i play:<br />Halo<br />Halo 2<br />Runesacpe<br />Football<br />kingdom hearts<br />yu-gi-oh <br />and a lot more.

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    i have no idea
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    Unkown Knights i guess
  1. xEmoKidx

    ~~my Bank~~

    Sorry: I tried to crop but it wouldn't let me =(
  2. xEmoKidx

    Zelly's Shop -- Closed

    man with right arm out and a fireball thing at the end of it. short black hair with full dragon on and a cooking skill cape whooshing in the wind. Text: Getting a 99 skill(top left) Is not easy(bottom right)
  3. xEmoKidx

    Choccy's Log - 3000 Castle War Games

    How did you post your pictures so you don't have to click them? Please tell me
  4. xEmoKidx

    Halo's Skill Log

    EDIT: Sorry didn't mean to double post =/
  5. xEmoKidx

    Halo's Skill Log

    Thanks! I will add you to the list. And i finally got some pics
  6. xEmoKidx

    Nk's Woodcutting Log Come Check It Out!

    I hope you get your goal. And good luck! Check out mine "Halo's Skill Log" ~Halo
  7. xEmoKidx

    Halo's Skill Log

    Thanks guys, and i added one picture, i am bout to level so i add you to list then add a pic =)
  8. xEmoKidx

    Halo's Skill Log

    Thanks i added you to list, and sorry for no pictures =(
  9. xEmoKidx

    Vault Graphics Shop!

    Prefered Artist: (Alviss, Vault, Powers38, or whichever one is quickest) As long as i get it Text: (optional)Vist Halo's Log Today! Sub-Text: (optional) Text color:red Main color(s):black Primary color(s):red Render: (you provide the render) that on one side and this on other Style: ( grunge, soft, light, any style really)
  10. xEmoKidx

    Biscuit's Everyday Log

    I hope you get your goal and Gratz on 73 Firemaking!
  11. xEmoKidx

    Halo's Skill Log

    Introduction 1.My goals 2.My plans 3.Supporters 4.Parties 5.Pictures (when get) 6.Thanks to... 7.Extra Hello, And welcome to my Log! Here i have a list of my goals: Here are my Stats: My Plans I have some money in my bank and some items. I am planning to get my cooking or woodcutting to 99 first. I have some fish in my bank but not enough for lv65 cooking. So i am going to get Wc. up to 99 so i have some logs to sell. My combat skills i will level up while i am leveling up slayer. For farming i will do when i am done with slayer. I am hopping to get a lot of donations to help a long the way =). Supporters 1.Click03 2.Ireland2k7 3.Sax Rocks1 4.N0va eagle 0 5.Reno 6.NK17 7. 8. 9. 10. Parties! I have a little lay out. For a couple of levels on certain skills i will host a party(So check here every few days). Here is my lay out of levels: 70 cooking-drop party 75 woodcutting-falador party house 60 Construction-House party! 85 slayer-dropping whips everyone *should get one* Combat skills-Dropping rune and drag items. If you donated, at every party you are *Guaranteed* to get something. Pictures http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/3161/farminglv2ie4.png : Farming Lv2 http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/3263/conlv4ok9.png : Construction lv4 http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/2677/conlv8wd4.png : Con Lv8 http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/1107/conlv9vy2.png :Con lv9 http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/6141/conlv11ca1.png :Con Lv11 http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/2060/farminglv3jr6.png :Farming lv3 http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/6796/rclv5vh9.png :Runecrafting Lv5 Thanks To... Thanks to a couple of people for helping me make a pretty good log: 1.Mat Bateman2 2.Daddeh 3.Say Topdog Thanks a lot guys~!~ Extra If you read the hole post, in parties you saw 60 construction. That is not listed any where else in this post but here. I am going for 80 construction. I will have a *HUGE* house party at 60 construction, Also, If you come you will be on some pictures i will post of it so **Where Your Skill Capes** Thanks for reading guys~!~
  12. xEmoKidx

    Close Please

    Signature/Banner: Signature Size:A little big then normal for like a Clan post Picture(s): Lay out: Attack cape, Cooking cape Firemaking cape,"Halo's Skill Log", Woodcuting,runecrafting,slayer cape Backround Colors:Blackish red Text: FontClick: Runescape or you choose Border(yes or no):Yes Other: Lay out: Attack cape, Cooking cape Firemaking cape,"Halo's Skill Log", Woodcuting,runecrafting,slayer cape That is waht i want it to look like. So like, [ Capes "Halo's Skill Log" Capes]
  13. Hi, I was wondering how all of you "Pros" make a good skill log. Please help me! Thanks!~
  14. xEmoKidx

    Dawn Of The Dead

    ic: "Come on, lets get to the book store." Izuki turned around and started to run over to the book store. He turned once more facing Aimee and said "Come on, it will be ok...i promise" Izuki said standing there waiting for Aimee
  15. xEmoKidx

    99 Cooking Here I Come!

    Hello All! I am currently working on 99 cooking. Right now it is lv57 (low i know) I will post pictures when they level. I am willing to buy any foods i can cook right now for good exp but i am short on cash See :) So here is the *Real* post of 99 cooking: I will be posting soon just let me get to 60. Bye for *NOW* Note: do not say this is bad i will update later!~!~ P.S. i will give all my food away when i get to 99 =)

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