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  1. Squidgyness

    Weekly Update Teaser Images!

    Everyone always goes crazy over new quests, its just setting themselves up to be disappointed... "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGWTFBBQ NEW GOD LIKE HYBRID ST00F!!!!!!! WILL MAKE EVERYTHING ELSE COMPLETELY OBSOLETE !!!!!!!111!!!!!" This is why everyone always ends up complaining - Jagex arent lying, people lie to themselves. Not aiming this at anyone in particular, just the general views I have seen. Besides, I think the requirements are a little high. I would have preferred say 5 70-74 req's than 3 75-78 reqs. But, ya get what you are given I guess. Still, grats for those who can do it and commiserations in advance when the reward isnt a nuclear-imbued Uberarmour.
  2. Squidgyness

    Cleverbot Passes Turing Test

    But who could resist Sgt Bash? FLAMETHROWER! Like the idiots who kept coming back with a robot covered in highly flammable fuzzy material. Every year it would get torched... :( Good times.
  3. Squidgyness

    99 Spellcasting

    Late Gz benno. :(
  4. Squidgyness

    Runescape On The Wii!

    I'm sorry, what? 1) Xbox charges you for using online gaming, fine, but: 2) PS3 Charges you for the console itself (a not incosiderate amount) 3) Both consoles are have 50% more expensive games compared to PC. I am not saying it isnt cheaper or even better value in some respects than the XBox PC or Wii for that matter, but you arent getting much for 'free' here, once you factor in other costs. They dangle "free" stuff in front of you (such as the online store etc, something that is free anyway on most everything else) and you forget all the costs of setting up. It might be cheaper than some PC's but it aint free. Plus, you wont get RS for free on the PS3 unless you have a membership already, imo. IF it ever goes to the PS3 of course.
  5. Squidgyness

    Lily's Log To Something...

    Gratz on the pray front! Thanks for the tip, didnt realise d bones had crashed so badly since I left - bought 6m of em, only 1.8m in cash left now after herb supplies for bxp. Still, thanks! :( Good luck to your goals!
  6. Squidgyness

    New High-level Prayer Potion

    I really like the new pray points system. Helps to keep track of how fast it is draining. The new potion is meh. It'll skyrocket in price then crash probs.
  7. Squidgyness

    Runescape On The Wii!

    Wii-mote is vastly superior to the mouse in terms of accuracy and speed. For a game which is 90% mouse controls that's a pretty big deal. I don't know why anyone would want to play it on their Xbox or PS3 though... No. Just, no. Anyone with a shaky hand will know that the wii-mote is great for gestures, pointing... not so much. Runescape has so much room for misclicking. Dunging, for example. Or Bossing. Mice are way superior to the wii-mote for pointing, which is most of the mouse control in the game. Not to mention, I play RS on a 21" monitor snapped to the side, while browsing sals or something, which I wouldnt be able to do on a wii.
  8. Squidgyness

    Cuteness Overload

    Simons cat is on cuteoverload atm. That cat is hilarious.
  9. Squidgyness

    Runefest (2)

    Last time I was in Belgium I bought 4Kg of chocolate. I think that counts as sharing :P
  10. Squidgyness

    The Log Of A Squidgy...

    Quick update, in order to stop this from becoming inactive (Not that I think anyone would notice...): Currently approaching end of year exams at uni, so might not be on too much.
  11. Squidgyness

    Sick Of Quest

    Still havent done elemental workshop 3 I got sooo confused and then ragequitted. It's the first non-boss quest that has stumped me. Can be bothered going back to it, as I am wavering in my commitment to this game, and I suspect it'll make me even more bored.
  12. Squidgyness

    The Log Of A Squidgy...

    Just a quick update: here is that old level I forgot to post the other day. Currently Going for 1/3 of 99 magic on my main. See if I can get there. Bon Jovi Shall be my wingman. :D
  13. Squidgyness

    The Noob Days

    I just started enjoying the noob days again :( Made a str pure for fun. I am clueless as to ftp or low levelled money making, so its going pretty slow :D
  14. Squidgyness

    The Log Of A Squidgy...

    Hmm, might do that at some point. For now, im training up a strength pure on ftp, called pvt symachus. Just for the lulz, some nostalgia thrown in :P
  15. Squidgyness

    The Log Of A Squidgy...

    UPDATE. Well, I'm trying to begin afresh. I have been getting set in my ways recently, doing the same things or type of things over and over again. My bank is cluttered with junk from started things that I have crapped out on over the years. I have stopped killing mith dragons, sold most of my armor except my whip and slay helm, spent my 800 points on runes and am clearing my bank. I do have a level to post, which I will sometime later in the week, after I figure out what to do. My Cashpile is ~30m atm after selling armour. Suggestions welcome :D

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