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  1. Nah I'm pretty comfortable with that already, barring major advances in science it's pretty guaranteed that in 150 years no one alive right now will still be here. It's the constantly thinking about how we're on a giant space rock falling through nothing for me.
  2. It's a little scary to think someday the forum will just tinypic itself, huh. Which was great for my Myspace profile, thank God there's nothing left of that.
  3. My father is adamant he succeeded
  4. The trick is to give them so many issues that it loops around into points of strength. Apparently.
  5. Bold of you to assume Gen Z has any will to live in general.
  6. Nope, it was a solid joke and I just didn't transition it well enough to the classic "is that a threat or a promise" line. Some would describe my humor at this stage of my life as "cheerfully suicidal".
  7. idk if this is a threat, but I'm hoping it's a promise.
  8. It's funny because his name is Beret.
  9. That, detective, is the RIGHT question.
  10. Fiji hasn't killed any famous explorers I'm aware of, unlike Hawaii and the Philippines
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