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  1. We all have those games that are either our guilty pleasures, or maybe a game we thought was ground breaking but the rest of the world didn't really seem to notice it. For me, maybe the biggest one is Advent Rising. It was released on the original Xbox back in 2005 I believe, and used a (I think) revolutionary "flick-targeting" system, where you would flick the right analog stick in the direction of the enemy you wished to target while holding the targeting button. I thought it was amazingly clever, and allowed for really fast switching in heavy firefights. On top of the, the plot and story was heavily influenced (and even written a bit) by Orson Scott Card, who is the BEST sci-fi writer ever. I also have my guilty pleasure Treasure Planet: Battle At Procyon. Man, Ichecked that thing out of the library for my PC so many times when I was a kid.
  2. Emanick just brought up a 5 year old post I made on his FB about how people love him and miss him on Sal's. Can't for the life of me remember who it was or what we wanted to say. Please appreciate him here so I can say nice things.
  3. Morte

    Emanick Appreciation Thread

    Mine is pretty embarrassing because it doesn't show the negatives. You only see the porn. :box:
  4. Morte

    Ten Years

    AGREE 1000x Sal's Realm of Kanto pls
  5. Morte


    Hai Hun
  6. Morte

    can someone help

    move to america and get better ping and play counterstrike So I can get destroyed by people swearing at me in Russian? Noty
  7. Morte

    can someone help

    I don't think it's unusual to experience that kind of nostalgia. These couple of generations of users were among the first to fully utilize the internet in a way that was archived for future use, so anytime you want you can go back and look at it. Besides handwritten notes, this is a pretty new phenomenon. You make friends on these forums, lasting connections that you hate to see slip away.
  8. Morte


    We are all old. We remember stuff from 10-11 years ago. :P I had to explain what IRC was to someone last week. I feel like my time is over. Morte <3 2nd year uni, so old :( To think I joined this place when I was a wee 9 year old in primary school. And ahhh the #novus days... I was looking at some old posts and thinking to myself "I remember this conversation so vividly didn't this just happen like last yea- OH DEAR *deity* 6 YEARS AGO?"
  9. Morte

    This is us. Hi :)

  10. Morte


    We are all old. We remember stuff from 10-11 years ago. :P I had to explain what IRC was to someone last week. I feel like my time is over.
  11. Morte

    Active Sals Members

    Oh yeah you do :) I've been liking the view from your windowsill
  12. Morte

    Going on exchange to an American uni!

    Totally late but if you go to OSU we can meet up as I'm only a 3 hour drive and I do it pretty often!
  13. Morte


    Same But KFC slave instead of cinema worker. Sofee is in Uni now? Dear God am I old. Bank Analyst. Like Adam?, please also kill me.
  14. Morte


    Miss me?
  15. Morte


    ..or a very messed up retirement home. Have you been to a retirement home? That's probably the least creepy thing going on.
  16. Morte


    rawr zomg morteh <3 I thought it was what he wanted, you screamed but never used the safeword! Dani!!!!!! Yuan!!!!! Rawr at thee, Its like walking into a topic full of furry sexiness. Yiff or be Yiffed!
  17. Morte


    Back Back way on back. :D Are the Legions assmbled? The iguanas are ready and at your orders. Then prepare my War Gecko, we ride at dawn. Great, and no but missing it a bit might swing back around. O hai I know you.
  18. Morte


    Are the Legions assmbled? OHMY Fatalysm
  19. Morte

    So Hey, If I....

    managed to garner some interest in a Mafia game with this topic, I might be arsed to write one up. Takers? Also, if you remember me, free cuddles.
  20. This shizzle is addicting.
  21. Morte

    So Hey, If I....

    started, yes. But it's kinda hard to balance such unique roles with flavor.
  22. Morte

    Turtle Beach X12 Problem

    The only reasons I'm still using Turtle Beaches are they have Bluetooth and the PS3 versions can be used on PC Xbox and PS3. o woops I bumped.
  23. Morte

    So Hey, If I....

    All you need to say is "bend over", usually, followed by an ominous latex glove snap Nevermind the fact that the reference Morte made in his post is twelve years old, there are peeps younger than that here Daikatana aside, HR has recently released a memo frowning upon being so truthful to our new employees.I will make you my nice doggy!.

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