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  1. robber341

    The "bathroom" Bill

    I think as far as homosexuals, they should just use which one they really are. That's like saying a gay boy can use the girls locker room. Which would make alot of women uncomfortable, as with bathrooms. With transgenders, I guess they should just decide for theirself.
  2. robber341

    Tons Of Youtube Videos Pulled Off

    Sometimes you can tell the people you are using the video for creative purposes, and I know that works alot for if you are making a mix and you need a song, but I'm not sure about if you are using it as background music. And their song replacement music sucks.
  3. robber341


    nice! I give it a 10/10
  4. robber341


    KK well still thanks. I'll see if I can get it to work.
  5. robber341

    Will You Be Playing Mechscape?

    I'm gonna try it out atleast.
  6. robber341


    Hey I've been trying to use audacity to take the music off of something and just use the vocals but I can't. I don't know why, but I can't click on any effects or tools. This is what it looks like. Please help!
  7. robber341

    Sentimental Values

    I don't really have anything of sentimental value in RS.
  8. robber341

    Name All Of Your Mangas.

    I never really got into that kind of thing. I know my sister's friend is though. I have no clue what she reads though
  9. robber341

    Slayer Equipment

    Your equipment will change from tasks to tasks. So just wear what's best.
  10. robber341

    I Just Got My Report Card...

    One word... Forgery!
  11. robber341

    Free Speech & Hate Speech

    I in no way agree with nazi views, but I believe they should be able to say whatever they want to say.
  12. robber341


    Hey you guys! I've got some new information! I was watching "Super High Me" last night and what the whole movie is about is he doesn't smoke for 30 days straight and then the next 30 days after that hey smokes tons and tons of weed constantly. And at one scene in the movie He is going to the doctor and the doctor is comparing his health from when he does smoke and when he doesn't smoke. And the doctor finds that there are no long term effects to marijuana use. NOTE: I'm not saying marijuana doesn't affect your health! It just isn't long term. Let me explain. When you smoke weed your lung capacity is weaken a percentage and you don't have as good of memory. But if you stop smoking weed, your lung capacity and memory gradually get better. So yeah. That's the science of the matter.
  13. robber341

    First 99

    Nice! You're right the emote does kinda suck, but oh well.
  14. I think I've seen you around. I'll give you a 5/10. People probably wont recognize me cause i changed my name and everything.
  15. robber341

    What Was The Last Thing You Ate?

    Lol I ate a weird Wal Mart Donut and drank some Sunny D.

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