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  1. Angel Hayley

    Sals Discord

    iamyouronly/iamacupoftea has kindly created a Discord server for all Slammers past and present to hang out in! https://discord.gg/KNkS2M2 See you there :wub:
  2. Angel Hayley

    Sobend's Throwback Throwback log

    I saw the news about Classic shutting down and came here. Now I'm just even sadder.
  3. #10th 120, Divination 18th March 2018 Thanks fam.
  4. Angel Hayley


    Holy shizzle that 120 smithing hahahhaaha
  5. Angel Hayley

    200 million bows and arrows.

    3rd 200M skill, Ranged. 28th January 2018 Thanks for coming everyone!
  6. Angel Hayley

    HAPPY 2018!

    What's everyone looking forward to?
  7. Angel Hayley

    200 million bows and arrows.

    Hehehe xD I'm sure he's done more good deeds than I have...
  8. Angel Hayley

    200 million bows and arrows.

    In the last 30m, at GWD1, Armadyl. Prior to that, mostly bossing/slayer. Did a lot of kills at ROTS, Araxxor, Nex, Legiones. Didn't actually camp anything for ranged, the exp came quite naturally.
  9. Angel Hayley

    Biggest achievement to date... ever.

    I am very jelly. Gz anyway
  10. Angel Hayley


    Damn I thought the double 120s were typos at first. Grats on maxing them on both accounts!
  11. #teamdobrev Hello and welcome to Angel Hayley's log detailing my journey to a maxed cape and a record for my PvM drops! The purpose of this log is for easier tracking of goals and to ensure less spamming at the achievement's page :P I did not reboot my first skill log as much as changed since then and the tone of this log would be pretty light, with me shooting the breeze with weekly updates (on weekends). This log will detail my progress to my main goal of achieving a max cape with 120 dungeoneering and maxed quest points and complete achievement diaries. Completionist cape is a consideration, but not considered a goal at this stage. Secondly, this log will document my major PvM drops along my PvM journey. I am an avid believer of soloing, so majority of the drops will be obtained solo. If otherwise, it will be stated as such. Thirdly, this log will record my Final Boss progress and also how far along I am for obtaining boss pets. Insane Final Boss is a consideration, but not considered a goal at this stage. This log picks up progress from 16th May 2014, the date where I completed my #19th 99, Runecrafting. Update: As of 16th May 2015, more than a year has passed since I started my log. Stay tuned for more! Update: As of 13th September 2014, I have achieved my first main goal of a max cape together with 120 dungeoneering! As such, this log will mostly be a record of the PvM drops I receive and the little things I accumulate on my way to an eventual completionist cape, however that will not be a major goal to pursue, but rather something I do along the side as I wreck monsters and do what I enjoy doing :) Log start Current information Skill goals 120 Prayer Completed goals 200Ms 120s 99s PvM goals Screenshots featured will only be the first instance of completing the goal. Obtain a solo (major) drop from all 4 main GWD bosses (without counting godsword shards and shields) Obtain a solo dragon limbs and dragon claws drop Obtain all three sets of glacyte boots Obtain all three sets of automaton gloves Obtain a Nex drop Obtain all 4 dragonkin journals from QBD Obtain a solo dragon rider drop from KBD Forge an ascension crossbow from scratch Obtain a shield from Rise of the Six Obtain a seismic drop from Vorago Obtain a drygore drop from Kalphite King Obtain a sigil drop from Corporeal Beast Obtain all 3 level 90 power gloves from slayer (Razorback, Ascension, Celestial) Obtain a dragon pickaxe drop Obtain a dragon hatchet drop Obtain any Araxxi body part as a drop (inclusive of any spider leg parts or weapon pieces) Obtain a blood necklace shard drop from an Edimmu Obtain any wyrm part drop from lava strykewyrms/WildyWyrms. Obtain any boot add-ons from rune dragons Obtain a codex drop from Raids Obtain each crest drop from all 4 Heart of Gielinor bosses (GWD2) Obtain any unique drop from Telos Obtain any unique drop from Nex: Angel of Death Obtain a Seiryu claw drop from Arhats Miscellaneous goals Quest point cape 310/396 quest points (I have not found a nice picture for this) Ten Year cape 11th April 2014 (technically not a goal, but whatever) Completionist cape? For the lulz. Epilogue I will be adding more goals as they come along, but these are the general outlines I'm going for!Thanks for viewing my log, and I hope you find it enjoyable watching my progress :lol: Update archive Latest update: December 3 2017 Past updates: Log backup (12th October 2015 - v4)
  12. Angel Hayley

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    For a while, yes haha. Still pretty busy IRL would only have more time after March'18. Thanks m8 :D good to see you too haha and don't worry about it the thought is the one that counts. I need the luck to stay back. No current goals atm except ranged pet, too many things IRL to manage. Will set long term goals after March haha. UPDATES MORTY | Constitution pet | Level 120, 153.5m xp Armadyl helmets #9 & #10, Armadyl bucklers #14 - 16, Effigies x 2 Till next time :) Me facing my final posting as a medical student.
  13. Angel Hayley

    Sobend's Throwback Throwback log

    We all do.
  14. Angel Hayley

    Two Sara Hilts in 3 kills.

    That's a lotta drops hahahaha How much are hilts now? :O
  15. Angel Hayley

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    Hahaha what a ride it has been indeed :D It's ok fam, I finally posted after so long too Thanks Reno :D I remember looking up to you in awe back when I was still a noob f2p haha UPDATES! Holy shizzle has it really been almost 5 months... I'll update only interesting things from now on, to save everyone from the spam haha MAZCAB ABILITY CODEXES #15, #16 & #17 109 Farming 143-144 Invention Till next time, folks :D One for every month I was gone haha
  16. Angel Hayley

    Sal's Realm Design

    I'm actually in awe at that last screenshot
  17. Angel Hayley

    Lily's Log To Something...

    Grats on both 99s :D
  18. Angel Hayley

    Kovu's Slow Road to Max :: I MAXED (30th August)

    Maxing is only the beginning of RS. And I still remember you from Geordiereno days haha.
  19. Angel Hayley

    200 million wolves.

    18th February 2017. Never thought I'd make it, but here I am. Didn't want to ruin everyone else's double exp plans, so I didn't call for a party. Thanks for all the support!
  20. Angel Hayley

    BaconBoozey is on a quest...(54% Complete)

    Good luck on all quests! Could update the skills tab on the main post every now and then too as you get the levels you need :P
  21. Angel Hayley

    Kovu's Slow Road to Max :: I MAXED (30th August)

    That's a lot of progress :O Divination will be slightly painful but the rest are easy :P
  22. Angel Hayley

    Sobend's Throwback Throwback log

    Gz on 65 mining :) take care anyway! Hope to see you around more anyway :P
  23. Angel Hayley

    Kovu's Slow Road to Max :: I MAXED (30th August)

    Homg hi Reno, it's been a while :) Welcome back! And good luck on maxing :)
  24. Angel Hayley

    The upgrade

    This takedown only goes to show how many of us still live here and how many of us really miss this place <3
  25. Angel Hayley

    New forum skins

    I'm ok with the dark one tbh from Chaoss

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