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  1. Quote


    so far the only real significant part of my growth as a person and now I'm leaving it behind

    If it's been instrumental in your growth it means you're never going to really leave it behind :)


    (good lord, eleven years since I got out of high school)


    Goddamn Dani you're old.


    I always thought that high school was where I had the most fun, but I realised that if you live your life right, you'd always have the most fun at the present.


    Keep finding the life you want and keep on living the life you want and it'll always be awesome. :P

  2. Reminds me of my days in uniformed groups (CCA).Like one senior, she had a bad day or something so she decided she'd march us for two hours. Ok fine, march march march, her peers in the back row were not totally in step.She gets mad, tells them to take off their boots and socks and marches the lot of us for another half an hour under the blazing afternoon sun. As their timing faltered, she yelled at us to march on the spot for 15 minutes then gave them push ups. :( Their feet later wasn't a pretty sight. The thing about such groups, be it String Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Military Band, the UGs (NPCC, NCC etc etc) is they're based on this idea of, like you said "One for all, all for one".One person fails and the whole group is punished. This causes the group to get upset with the one person and the one person to feel guilty, thus 'avoiding' further incidents and becoming 'more disciplined'.Our education system stinks no offense.
    agree! i'm in the same school as jelli :P
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