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  1. Quite nice, but don't you realise that dragon items normally look different from normal metal items? you could try curving the sides of the handle or add some nice decoration to the blade. Good one though, 9/10.
  2. Fun. I loved it. 10/10, considering it was pretty not-slick.
  3. What the hell is WoW??? I know its world of warcraft, but what do you do???
  4. that was funny. i'll love those kind of armour.
  5. Thanks people! I'll continue to churn out more if you liked it!
  6. LOL I LOVE THE WALMART ONE!!!!!!! And shoving autoers into the furnace is seriously great too. LOVE THE FAKES!!! KEEP THEM COMING!
  7. LOL just relax. The minimap could be improved though. But I expected something better. 4/10.
  8. Thanks! Oh btw, i wrote this in 30 min on the spot.
  9. LOL this can be done yourself. just get a pic with a crown and paste it on your elephant pic.
  10. Yeah that was good. Try reading mine and gimme some comments though! It's called the Legend of the lost sword!
  11. T'was this day when a bold young adventurer, Ariana, chose to seek glory and rewards for herself and also to break the tradition of boys being the only explorers. Of course, her parents, being in the 4th Age, argued against her will. She sallied forth and against the whole town's wishes, she left Avarrocka to seek the only sword of Chivalry, Bravery and with the power to Summon the 3 god's wrath and fury: the Sword of Gielinor. She knew the world was called Gielinor, and wondered where to find the sword. "Where," she thought. "Where, can this wide world, tell me where in the world is the Sword?" In that, a portal opened before her eyes. Stunned, she quickly put on her finest dragonskin armour, picked up her magic shortbow and tipped her arrows in poison, and then gingerly stepped into the portal. She was whisked into the air, spinning in a mist of colour. Faster and higher she span, over hills and dales, mountains, lakes and islands, over the dark ground of the Wilderness, before stopping and landing a place filled with ice. Crashing to the ground, she winced as she stood up. Shaking and looking all around her, she realised she was in a frozen wasteland, where none of her folk had ever ventured to. Even the dark grounds of the Wilderness, which are rumoured to hide zombies, ghosts and the undead, had not been crossed. Many a braze adventurer died to the hands of some highly skilled dragons or demons before they saw a gate at the end, with a frozen wasteland ahead of them. Most only saw the lava of past volcanoes before swiped to death by dragonfire or slashed into oblivion by a greater demon. No one ever verntured past the fence, which was named the Fence which separated the People. Shaking her head, Ariana coudn't believe her eyes. Here she was, past the fence, past the dragons and demons, stuck in this wasteland. Just over the horizon, she could make out the fence and what lay of dragons. She took a step forwards and she heard an ear-splitting roar. She ducked as the frozen ground spilt apart, revealing several Ice Giants. They were waving huge scimitars and maces she had never seen before. They were soon followed by an army of Ice Warriors, whose bodies seem to be made of ice. They held their ice swords at the ready, and the leader screeched, "How dare you trespass the fence, how there you awaken us! You shall pay the price!" With that, the warriors and the giants charged. Keeping a cool head, Ariana took out a tinderbox, and with shivering hand, she tried to light a fire. Gingerly striking against a dead tree, the tree did not catch fire. When hope seemed to be lost, she took out her shortbow and fired an arrow that grazed the tree bark. Within moments, the friction caused the tree to catch fire. Momentarily stunned by her smartness, she tipped her arrows into the flaming tree and withdrew, the arrow tips on fire. The ice warriors gave a huge yell as they retreated. From her place she fired flaming arrows into the army of warriors, melting them down. As the ice giants roared, she sent arrow after arrow at them, causing them to catch fire and die. The remaining ice warriors and giants limped away, howling, dragging arrows from their injuries. As they left, they yelled, "This is all yours, but we will return! With back-up!" Smiling slightly, she put out the fire and continued to track through the ice. AFTER A LONG WHILE... Days later, she was dying with cold and frostbite, hoping she would would survive this ordeal. She lifted her head heavily and saw a crevice in the distance. Mustering all her energy, she scurried to the crevice and peered inside. She saw the sword, glinting at the bottom of a pit. Yelling with delight, she threw herself down. From nowhere, a lesser demon came out of nowhere. Clinging on to a rock, Ariana wielded her rune crossbow and loaded bolts inside. She wielded her rune kiteshield, and began to battle the demon. Bolt after bolt, she failed to kill it. But as the demon was severly weakened, she used her last bolt and tipped it with a glowing gemstone. Knowing this was her last chance, she took aim and fire. It hit. The demon howled in anguished and fell down the pit. Writhing in agony, she saw the demon collapse into ashes and it hit the ground with a soft thud, thus ending its unholy life. Breathing heavily, she kept her crossbow and took out her magic shortbow. She only had 100 arrows left, and she had to conserve. Stepping down from the rock, she held the bow at the ready and jumped. All the way down, she met no other obstacle. She landed on the floor with a hard bump on the ashes of the lesser demon and picked herself up. Brushing the ash off herself, she looked at the sword in awe. It was like anything seen before; it had a onyx handle, the blade was in some odd, white, translucent material and it was covered in shining diamonds and rubies. Picking up the sword carefully, she realised there was writing on the blade. Holding it up, she could make out the words etched on it. Bravery beyond chivalry is Man's greatest treasure She glanced at it, and decided that this was the true sword. Looking up, she realised she could not get out of here. Thinking quickly, she raised the sword. She prayed with bravery and chivalry, draining her ability to pray. As her prayer hit zero, 3 voices could be heard. Saradomin values bravery, and I shall grant you a wish You have destroyed one of my best servants, you will PAY! Hmm, no! This should be balanced, Zamorak. You will not harm this girl. As for Saradomin, you will grant her half her wish Raising her head, Ariana saw an old man, a young man with a red staff and a shape shifter hanging in midair. "Help me!" Ariana pleaded. "I need to get back home!" Guthix paused for a moment and said in a man/woman voice, "You have helped, but you have destroyed. We will teleport you out of here, but you must go home yourself!" Having no more choices, Ariana agreed. A whirl of colour, and Ariana found herself outside the crevice. Clutching the god sword, she stepped forwards. The god spells had healed her and she had enough energy to go all the way to the fence. Looking at the lava maze beyond, she cut a gate in the fence and moved to another spot. Reaching an empty spot, she cut another gate and she moved on, reaching a black darkness with a ruin in the back ground. Having no more energy, she cut the last gate and went through the fence. She summoned the power of the god sword and slayed many greater demons, leaving two cowering in her path. Reaching a teleportation lever, she pulled it. She opened her eyes and found herself beside Avarrocka, just beyond the ditch. Scrambling to her feet, she ran through the wildeness and jumped over the ditch. She ran all the way home and found her grieving parents in her house. Throwing both arms around them, she proceeded to tell her story to the village people. From then on, Ariana become a hero and girls were never viewed as inferior again. Her adventure also led to the discovery of the deep wilderness land which now many of us visit.
  12. just how the hell do you use trade chat???????love the new kits though..."mohawk"...lol!LOL and also the things you can do to your clothes are amzing!
  13. Oh THAT problem. On all windows computers/laptops, the Print Screen or PrnScrn key has a line an above/below it is SysRq. If your PrnScrn label is ABOVE the SysRq label, you can print screens normally. If it is below, then press Function, or Fn, hold it and press PrnScrn. It should print the screen unless your Fn button ain't working. Hope that solves your problem as it occured to my laptop too. :/
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