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  1. Finally noticed this but damn that hit me in the feels pretty bad. I always thought they were one of the larger ones and they couldn't fail. Then again, I've heard that back in 2008 and look at what happened to the financial market.
  2. Is that 800k total you can ever get from the place, or what? I'm mildly confused.
  3. RNG is trolling me real hard (you'll see in a bit) You only just now realized that Nina is love, Nina is life. UPDATES 102-105 Invention 106 Divination CORRUPTED ASCENSION SIGNET II - Legio Secundulus pet - 1422 killcount Ascension signet II #7 Sirenic scale #201 Dragon helm #38 More Nina Dobrev to make up for the absence.
  4. Angel Hayley


    Did you mean you dropped it on the floor just to prove there were 2 haha And rip gl for Nex.
  5. Angel Hayley


    Why is the achto on the floor
  6. As a non-US citizen and an observer of this vote, all I can say is that USA is between a rock and a hard place at the moment. Hillary is a lot more controlled than Donald, though. Still has enough flaws as a politician to warrant another choice if there's one. Would be interesting to see how Nov 8 turns out.
  7. Angel Hayley


    Grats on full achto set.... dat nex luck tho.
  8. Thank you! Clearly it has killed me a fair bit. Thanks Thanks for replying for me in my absence haha Thanks hey no problem Ditto above HAHA I'M BACK. THERE'LL BE A LOT OF BABES TO MAKE UP FOR THE LACK OF UPDATES. UPDATES! Sorry for the long absence. School has been hell. Also Battlefield 4 was a lot more interesting. Nothing spectacular has happened in my absence tbh... 103 Smithing (screenshot missed) 101 Invention The Lord of Vampyrium completed River of Blood completed Triskelion piece #103 THE WAVE OF PICTURES. There, I think that's an image for every week missed. Toodles!
  9. Angel Hayley


    That's a lot of raids. I should really find some time to game soon :(
  10. Thanks for the good times Byz. Grats on buying the blue, and I'm glad it was from Byz tbh.
  11. Idk I don't have a lot of comp reqs done haha Errr I haven't raided in a week too :/ UPDATES! 103 Construction 100 Invention 117 Defence Armadyl battlestaff #15 (no boots happened in this staff too... that makes 2 in a row, and 3 in total) Glaiven boots #11 (OMGOMGOMGOMGYES) Ward rounds in 9 hours. Seeya folks.
  12. It's been a while brother, it's been a while indeed.
  13. Ty for coming indeed Nats are 396gp INS m8 UPDATES Remaxed! 97 - 99 Invention Triskelion fragment #102 School's starting tomorrow :(
  14. Angel Hayley


    Remaxed on 10th July 2016 - #27 99, Invention. Did I ever mention how stupid the new skillcape icons look. Unfurling the banner in Max Guild. Word. Waiting to add particles to my emote and cape. Thanks everyone for being part of my journey to claiming back my cape. Onward to 120 Invention!
  15. A few fanpages on Facebook that I follow update the pages with pictures of Nina every now and then and I just pop a few from there. I mean, I personally have a folder of Nina Dobrev pics on my computer. I don't know how other people have Nina Dobrev pics. :P Goddamnit Poke. UPDATES It's just been an Invention grind. 86 - 96 Invention 116 Defence 102 Runecrafting Armadyl battlestaves #13 & #14 Yeah I made another staff with no boots drops. Get over it :( Sirenic scales #197 - 200 Dragon helm #37 Triskelion fragments #100 & #101 Maxing again later this week. Toodles.
  16. 987,015 Someday I'll look back on this topic and wished it actually reached 0.
  17. I still maintain a semi active skill log hahaha
  18. In general, Jagex rubbishes everything we say, takes everything in the wrong light and treats us like garbage so what were we really expecting out of it?
  19. OMG another person comes back to sklogs Are these dead? :( Slightly, Sal's in general is quite dead. But hey I try to add activity whenever I can. You can hit the rest of the logs up here (that have been updated in the last month) a bump to make it more active hahaha
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