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  1. OMG another person comes back to sklogs
  2. Please call Steadfasts next. I would if I had any D: NO. ;) I AM INDEED. UPDATES! Well I've broken the drought, that's for sure. 78 - 85 Invention 102 Woodcutting Ragefire boots #6 Sirenic scales #195 - 196 Effigy #95 Say cheese!
  3. Angel Hayley


    BUT I'M NOT EXTINCT. I still haven't resorted to buying inferior raids armour for rates though.
  4. It's been a while, sal D: UPDATES I'm finally back from Curryland Sri Lanka, and here are some updates from the week of gaming I've been up to since I was back. 116 Firemaking 68 - 77 Invention 102 Hunter MAZCAB ABILITY CODEX #14 Armadyl battlestaff #12 Nothing happened at all for this staff. Zilch. Zip. Nada. No boots. I'm going to stop tracking my boot drops/staff due to this depression. Sirenic scales #190 - 194 OK guys to make up for the lack of updates for >1 month, here's a ton of Nina Dobrev and assorted pictures I could dig up. AoA's Seolhyun AoA's ChoA Alexis Ren Rena Takeda TWICE's Tzuyu That's all folks.
  5. I should start working on livid eh :P
  6. It's been a quiet 2 weeks yeah. UPDATES 106 Mining Effigy #94 Complete triskelion key #16 MAZCAB ABILITY CODEX #13 (missed screenshot) Exams are over! Time to partayyyyyyyyyy (for a week)
  7. M8. No time to play much, much less gwd2 :( UPDATES Nothing much happened really. That's why I've been silent for 3 weeks. Also, exams are coming :( Sirenic scales #179 - 189 ] MAZCAB ABILITY CODEXES #11 and #12 Extra Nina Dobrev to tide you through the rest of the month. Toodles.
  8. Ur defence gainz are real. Grats on everything haha
  9. Wot Wot. W0t. Rip cash Oh god not another... UPDATES Last posting exam over. Finals here we go :/ MAZCAB ABILITY CODEXES #9 & #10 ACHTO TERALITH GAUNTLETS I must add that all these drops were B2B2B. The road to finals (and Final Boss) continues.
  10. I need you to explain your replies :( UPDATES It's getting closer to my finals. I am not prepared :/ 65-67 Invention MAZCAB ABILITY CODEX #8 ACHTO TEMPEST GLOVES That's all folks :)
  11. Considering I don't have the time... :( Ikr. It's okay, I got dis. UPDATES Nothing much tbh, but raids is finally showing some rewards. ACHTO PRIMEVAL BOOTS Sirenic scales #176 - 178 Effigy #93 That's all folks. Exams coming up :( I have a feeling that above picture is a repeat from one post somewhere.
  12. Did you see today's invention update/nerf oh god UPDATES! 62-64 Invention 106 Farming That's all folks. Life gets busy.
  13. Stahp inventing, all dem xp gainz. How much is abby wand hahaha Gz on all the 07 stuff too the graphics somehow look better. Or maybe your screenshotting skills improved :D
  14. Only a few left come on you can do dis. Grats on all the 99s!
  15. pretty sure u cant put bxp on it yet Wait, is that actually a thing? Considering how fast it already is, it's not really necessary. Gz leaf once again
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