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  1. Zeus x

    Are Ufo's Real?

    A big fat +1. MY OPINION: Taking into account all the facts of frankly how HENCH the universe is, I totally make a reference here to that quote. I strongly, strongly believe other life-forms exist somewhere out there, but as a lot of people have said, and I also agree with, I doubt they're flying around earth abducting people. What I want to know is, when (or if) we're ever going to come into contact with or see life-forms from other planets. And how. ~ Zeus x
  2. Zeus x

    Degrading Barrows Armour

    So if you want to degrade a barrows item, you drop it, then it degrades? If that's what you mean, then no, it doesn't. ~Z
  3. Who lol'd reading this title What defines 'sensually rubbing' anyway ~Z
  4. Zeus x

    Racial Profiling

    Where I live, it's probably only to do with my own age group but anyway, everyone jokingly takes the mick of each other, only as friends though, just if it gets said to the wrong person... Also the city I live is massively multi-cultural...literally people from all over the world come to this city, and there's literally no problem with anything to do racial ~Z
  5. Zeus x

    Skill Training

    Easy and cheap... Fletching - some of the cheapest and fastest xp in RuneScape.. but the skillcape is kinda sucky and doesn't deserve much Firemaking - not necesarily cheap, but really not expensive. Fast, easy xp but tedious. Hunter - if you can find an empty enough world at red chins. Plus immense money makin' Fishing - like what Goggie said... again good for making money ~Z
  6. Zeus x

    Pivoty's Exploration To 99 Hunter

    Hello :/ I posted just like I said I would... see Nice levels annnnnndd good luck with the rest aaaaand what else... Er I still haven't forgiven you for you making me wait "5 minutes" What else... That's it I thinkies... Btw put me on TOP of the supporters list Seeyar in RS -Macro
  7. Zeus x

    Glitchy Topic

    Some thing i found when i was going around peoples clan chats to see if i was on their friends list or not :P Says my name twice..on different world ^_^ PS: i was on whisk's friends list
  8. Yep as it says in the title, i'm selling a Blessed Spirit Shield It's worth like 8,78m to anyone who's wondering I'm accepting junk.. Yeah im online pm me if you wanna buy we can arrange place and world Thanks in advance
  9. Yeah selling ranger boots Street price (around 4030k i think) Im online now we can arrange where to meet, pm me in game my RSN is 1marcos123 or post in this topic Thanks in advance
  10. Zeus x

    Back From Holiday :)

    Yah im back from holiday.. and i've missed runescape (lol).. Holiday was awesome, i bought a nice new pair of Vans and some new Wii games.. Good to be back home School off today cuz i got back at like 4am back tomorrow :o Yah.. so basically on Rs im just gonna make firez. I might renew membs for this to merchant, as im getting rather good at it IMO. So yah! Speak to yall soon on rs,.. Bai
  11. Yeah.. i would try this myself but i rarely get to play for 1 hour non-stop without in distractions etc. So does anyone know how many logs you can burn in 1 hour? Thanks in advance ~Macro
  12. I thought it was time to post some updates so here 'tis... no pics im afraid Yeah 75 fishing :o Decided to slay.. at last and also get 73 attack and defence. Got 53 slayer and so far 71 attack and 72 defence :) Tomrrow i b going on holiday for like 16 days so i wont be coming online rs at all in those days :) When i come back i plan to get .. 90 firemaking levels in f2p? Then i'll renew membs. And yah.. as soon as i got 52 slayer Demsla forced me to go jellies and i got clue scroll :) i feel confident about it, even though i shouldn't because if it's something bad then i'll be disappointed so i shouldn't get my hopes up. In order to carry on with the clue i have to do 3 quests; One Small Favour, Garden of Tranquillity and Creature of Fenkenstrain. I've done Creature of Fenkenstrain and Garden of Tranquillity and i'm not starting One Small Favour yet because i wont be able to finish it before i go on holiday so that means when i come back i'll forget where i was then i'll get confused and stressed and bla bla bla. So yeah when i renew membs next i'll do that quest then carry on with the treasure trail! See yall soon. Im off to spain :o G'baii
  13. Zeus x

    74 Fishing,

    Yah 74 fishing. 59k xp from 75 Xp was very good today, seemed to go very fast :) Gonna take a lil break from fishing now and i'm making oak plank and spending 800k on 60 construction.. So yeah that'll be good then i plan to get back to fishing straight after and get 75! :mad: So.. its all good atm See yall soon with more level pics and st00f Bai.
  14. Zeus x

    Holiday ;)

    Yaya im going in holiday in less than a weeeek :D woop. Yesterday i didnt get to go on rs much as my internet was really :D being annoying... so i was honing my html skills in my Notepad as this doesn't require internet connection. All i'm stuck on now is what i can base the website (or a few pages) on... :D Any ideas? :D
  15. Zeus x

    46 Rrunecrafting

    Mebeh i didnt then. i'll shutup now

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