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  1. G43

    The 1,000 Page Topic!

    Oh noes! ;)
  2. G43

    Famous Last Words

    "It's not loaded.. See?"
  3. G43

    Somehow, Old Fakers Won :box:

    And I vote we end this.
  4. G43

    Somehow, Old Fakers Won :box:

    Drat! You foiled my evil plan. (insert hat stealing img here.) HAHA Now you cannot steal the hat because you have no image to steal it from! Brilliance..
  5. G43

    Somehow, Old Fakers Won :box:

    A real ending... Oh wait let me do that. The end ;)
  6. Okay then... Erm... Bye poke? ... Can we "accidentally" let poke get blown up in the bast :}?
  7. G43

    Somehow, Old Fakers Won :box:

    *comes back into the thread* Ya'know.. This is all getting really chidlish. I say just make the ending fake and be done. I mean Really... STop this and make fakes so you can earn my crap...rewards. ;)
  8. G43

    Armour Fake

    If you want to find a flaw, i suggest you look at the body and say that it is not fake enough there ;) Still a really nice recolor.
  9. Okay so summarize what we are Supposed to be doing?
  10. G43

    Armour Fake

    The whip then... I'm not giving out a Ring of Shine just yet though ;]
  11. G43

    Armour Fake

    Wow this might just win you a new pair of glowing footwear... Let's check the scores... shall we? -1 Hair is weird. +.5 No major flaws Round up... ---------- 10/10 - OMG AMAZING! Immaculate Boots are yours! *Da da daaaa*
  12. G43

    Somehow, Old Fakers Won :box:

    *sigh* *leaves thread*
  13. I say we make a whole fake while hes gone :lol: Plotter. I say we make a whole fake while hes gone :lol: A good fake, or a fake? Our current one has taken months, what are we gonna be able to do in a day? Plotter. Plotter. lol We gotta plan in advance duh :lol: lol Max, I never saw your app. Mind reposting it? Once Poke is gone, lets just say that Gonza will be leading some sort of nude contest while he's drunk, and we'll be throwing cake at each other. Pure chaos. :/ AND we can start a rebellion and end with Poke's tiranny. It is clear that his faking system is highly unefficient, seeing how far we've got in these months. No, that's because we're all lazy and cba to do any work. :P *snore* [this is most definitely NOT a one-word post!]
  14. G43

    Somehow, Old Fakers Won :box:

    I disregarded the other post as valid so I made my own.

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