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  1. My goal #2 is: Afford Full Dharok the Wretched Set and wear it. And the thing is my membership runs out in 3 days.. so yeah I cut it very close Now i'm going to try it on Pest Control and Dueling or something :) P.S. I love the Sal Community for giving me the money making tips!
  2. emperorkai11

    70 Attack! Whipping Time!

    Well it's finally here! If you have follow the topic created by me before, I bought an Abyssal whip when I was level 65 Attack. After a day of pure non-stop training I finally hit 70 Attack! That's one dream goal fully COMPLETED! Get ready for another topic of me hitting 70 Def wearing Full Dharoks ! :P
  3. emperorkai11


    Just a side note, when I was playing World of Warcraft ages ago, there was a guild called 'Ronin' too. It was headed by a Rogue and that guild striked fear into the enemy eyes everytime they appear. Good Luck on recruiting :glasses:
  4. emperorkai11

    My First Abyssal Whip!

    Unfortunetly my Runecrafting is 1 so I cannot do Nature runs :P. Even if I decided to level it to 44 (I can probably do it in a day), I have no resources or gold to level it. However, thanks for the support guys and I hope to get Full Dharok's soon! :P :)
  5. emperorkai11

    Mage Royr Is Back From His Long Holiday!

    Mage Royr, waht do you stake? Coins or items?
  6. emperorkai11

    My First Abyssal Whip!

    Back when I first started playing Runescape, my level 98 and level 105 real life friends will just tease me saying that I will never be able to afford my 2 dreams (this was after I told them what my dream is). So now I have proven them half wrong! So thats 1 Dream goal down, 1 more to go! P.S. My dream goals were these: 1. Get Abyssal Whip and use it. 2. Get Full Dharok the Wretched set.
  7. emperorkai11

    Official Wow Thread

    http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/2091/ swstats, daniel gave me the link a few days ago I personally don't like swstats, you need to pass votes in between raid just to reset etc. Try Recap, it's awesome and it's a whole lot better. For threat and aggro addons, don't use KTM personally it's too inaccurate. Omen is a whole deal better where it has seperate threat from each mob and it's tank.
  8. emperorkai11

    Mage Royr Is Back From His Long Holiday!

    People who doesn't believe Mage Royr... why on earth would he want to trick us by putting so much effort into making *fake* pictures and posting them here and answering our questions with his experience and knowledge. What does he gain from tricking us? Nothing. I believe Mage Royr 100% and so does 99% of the community.
  9. emperorkai11

    Mage Royr Is Back From His Long Holiday!

    Afaik most of his matches doesn't involve melee, I saw some ranging and maging duels. And levelling 85-86 range is next to forever while dueling :). @ Greatest staker I ever know! I am going to get 70 Defence (61 at the moment) and I was wondering what barrow set I should get. I am not rich and I have 60 att, 70 str and (hopefully) 70 def. I'll not be wielding the barrow weapons though. Please could you point me in the right direction! P.S. You own!

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