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  1. Maggotswr

    Music Recommendations Thread

    i first heard of him when looking at the Look at this F'in Hipster twitter so i can't really take him seriously. sorry. and to whoever replied to my last post....thank you so much!!! The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are amazing! speaking of LATFH....is a joke!?!? or do people actually listen to stuff like that?
  2. Maggotswr

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    True Tears is a very good romance. I can't say if they're too similar, though. thanks...i'll check it out
  3. Maggotswr

    Music Recommendations Thread

    Anybody into shoegaze? The Meeting Places - "Hall of Fame"
  4. Maggotswr

    Favorite Album Covers

    I despise Lebron James, but this is pretty cool : Yuki Chukidate is really pretty: This one is also the cover of a physics book i found at my University's Book Store :
  5. Maggotswr

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    Toradora is like one of the only animes i've ever liked do either of you have any recommendations of something similar?
  6. Maggotswr

    Music Recommendations Thread

    Big Moves L.A. band, I'm not sure of the genre. Maybe Indie Pop
  7. Maggotswr

    Music Recommendations Thread

    Interpols new album is up for pre-order so tempted to the get the deluxe limited edition set thingy. new song . doesn't really remind me of other Interpol stuff that much
  8. Maggotswr

    What Movie U Think Is The Scariest Ever.

    I like Halloween. The original one. Not sure if I would call it the scariest but it definitely had its moments. Can't go wrong with Takashi Miike either....Ichi the Killer and Audition are really good movies too
  9. Maggotswr

    Music Recommendations Thread

    Can't get enough of: Empire of the Sun A Sunny Day in Glasgow
  10. Maggotswr

    Who's The Best Basketball Player Ever?

    No love for Oscar Robertson?
  11. Maggotswr

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    A Milli - Lil Wayne
  12. Maggotswr

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    Another Satoshi Kon film : Perfect Blue
  13. Maggotswr

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    B Gata H Kei and Toradora will always be the best imo
  14. Maggotswr

    School Rivals

    my high schools rival is the North Hollywood Huskies(they killed us in science bowl) which is ironic because now i am a proud Washington Husky!
  15. Maggotswr

    Good Upcoming Games For The Ps3?

    I want to get XIII, but I'm a little turned off to XIV because of it being online. Is it possible to play the game offline??? No, it's an MMORPG. There's always Versus I guess.

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