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  1. Masterebe

    Avenged Syndicate

    LOL yeah i remember that, i actually fell for it :$ I can't imagine that was 2 years ago, wasn't it more like last year?
  2. Masterebe

    Liberation V Raging Inferno

    Ya your welcome lol GF Liberation, sorry about the first fight rofl Oh yeah i'm habbahubba btw EDIT: ILY [email protected]@@
  3. Masterebe

    Rd Vs Vvv

    Gj on the win RD
  4. Masterebe

    Hey Sup ^^

    Lol, just read the last 30 pages of the Sals top 3/4/5 topic and your up to date
  5. Masterebe

    Ronin Closes.

    I'd like to thank all officials and people in Ronin for the great times i've had in Ronin i'll miss all of ya
  6. Masterebe

    Judgement V Clan X

    Yo stu weren't you like banned from Sals ages ago LOL?
  7. Masterebe

    Eo Defeat Db (p2p)

    Gratz Eo =O
  8. Masterebe

    Ronin Vs Rohawks #2

    GJ Ronin
  9. Masterebe

    Db Vs Them

    Gratz on the win Db
  10. Masterebe

    What Clan Would You Rather Join?

    TS Impact or TC?
  11. Masterebe

    Elite Order Vs 3v0luti0n X

    Good job EO!
  12. Masterebe

    The Creed Vs. Intensity.

    We had an off day Gf TC would love a rematch :)
  13. Masterebe

    That Past

    Man.. i miss the old lil' Sals rivalry's :$ What rivalries can you see happening in the near future? TC vs Intensity maybe, and probly FT vs any clan that tries to take their #1 spot Which clans do you think will take the top 5 by storm? Ehmm not sure, Ronin/Hades, if they both continue growing Which clans would you like to see war? Ronin and Rohawk, might be a surprising outcome o.O (or maybe not lol) Which clan do you think has the most potential? Rohawk at this point, clans like 3x tend to grow fast :)

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