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  1. Kayla


    hi shu shu!
  2. Kayla


    How's it going? =)
  3. Kayla

    A Very Merry Christmas Surprise

    lol thanks everyone. and i certainly hope im not birthing the next scorpion king =S
  4. Kayla

    A Very Merry Christmas Surprise

    Thanks =)
  5. Kayla

    A Very Merry Christmas Surprise

    Just announced this to my family yesterday =)
  6. Kayla


    wow yourself shu face
  7. Kayla


    Thanks Herty =)
  8. Kayla


    i havent gone anywhere yet silly =p
  9. Kayla


    In the past few months in my personal life i have gotten engaged,gotten married, bought a house and thoroughly enjoyed life. I also have been playing bits of runescape here and there as i find this psychotic voice in my head urging me to do so. That voice seems to be quieting down a bit and my members will run out in november and i dont know if i will be back. I dont like to think of abandoning my friends in canting but the more i play the more it seems like a job and a stress and thats not what i want at all. Between people quitting and being upset about SOF and the citadel debacles that canting is always facing it just makes it difficult to enjoy everything. I also feel like the more jagex knows they are screwing up the more they throw out free stuff that makes me feel like my hard work and levels isnt really an accomplishment at all. You wasted your time,energy,fake coins and life on nomad? well thats too bad because now some low level under prepared nobody can come in and kill nomad in one go...thats just one example of the anger and resentment i feel. I realize its just a game but its a game that used to bring alot of joy to my life and has increasingly just made me feel sad. i realize this post was a pointless,senseless rant..so if you made it this far...thank you. MICHAELA
  10. Kayla

    Canting! We Need You!

    merch i miss you ALOT. so much has happened while you have been away. i need my merchy happy face around to tackle hug me and do and say merchy things.
  11. Kayla

    Right Now

    i know how to use tinypic. thanks. the problem isnt the uploading as it is the fact that i dont have paint so i edited them and pasted them in a word document. so they arent in picture format anymore.
  12. Kayla

    Right Now

    SO. I took a load of pictures of me getting 98 and then 99 dungeoneering and im not quite sure how to upload them all here. ive got them cut and pasted into a word document on my mac and dont really know where to go from here. But i did indeed get 99 dungeoneering! And so im on to my next goal! Which just happens to be 91 fishing which i currently have 89 in. *skips off to piscatoris* MICHAELA
  13. Kayla


    shushu <3
  14. Kayla


  15. Kayla

    More Levels

    Thanks =)

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