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  1. drcheesedude

    Wolf Whistle - Complete

    3. Speak to Pikk again and he sais that you can fix it with a Spirit Wolf, because we all know what happens when a rabit meets a wolf. Dinners ready! Pikk asks you to gather 2 wolf bones, which can be found just to the North-East of the quest start. Though, you may struggle to find a spare wolf if you are doing this right after the update as everybody needs them. its is spelled as Rabbit with 2 b's
  2. drcheesedude

    Good Mmorpg?

    GET WOW!!! its not free but its 10000000000 times better than stupid runescape
  3. drcheesedude

    Holding Other Items

    just to let you know, there is already a wieldable harpoon, are you familiar with the barb tailed harpoon? http://runescape.salmoneus.net/itemdb/View...php?ItemID=1035 " target="_blank" title="External Link: http:// http://runescape.salmoneus.net/itemdb/View...php?ItemID=1035 "> http://runescape.salmoneus.net/itemdb/View...php?ItemID=1035
  4. drcheesedude

    Type Your Username With Your Eyes Closed

    Drcheesedude yay i did it! ~Drcheesedude
  5. drcheesedude

    Official Wow Thread

    i just started, im a lvl 8 orc shaman, anyone have any tips? ~Drcheesedude
  6. drcheesedude

    How Would I Fair In Castle Wars?

    i just like the fun from killing ppl :) wat u mean "waste bands" and get jumped alot? idc its castle wars they mean, the people will waste band aids healing themselves while they are standing still, jumping you means ppl come from behind you and use melee or something ~Drcheesedude
  7. drcheesedude

    The Next Megaquake

    trust me, you cant predict when an earthquake will come, they just want people to watch their show ~Drcheesedude
  8. drcheesedude


    wow nice find!!
  9. drcheesedude

    How To Get A Runescape Cursor Guide

    awesome, i wish they had it for macs :/ ~Drcheesedude
  10. drcheesedude

    The Ultimate Defence Pure

    gratz dragon with your goals! ~Drcheesedude
  11. drcheesedude

    ~~~ Auburn's Skill Log ~~~~ 1785/1800 Total Lvl~~~~65 Rc~~~

    wow auburn! gratz on all ur lvls, gl with 99!
  12. drcheesedude

    Rate The Athletic Team Above You

    8/10 New England Patriots
  13. drcheesedude

    Official Guitar Hero/rock Band Thread

    i just got it like 10 minutes ago for hanukkah, it is so fun (gh3) ~Drcheesedude
  14. drcheesedude

    Behind The Scenes - December

    clan wars is here! it sounds so cool, and bounty hunter is gonna be awesome, i wanna see the gravestones
  15. drcheesedude

    Behind The Scenes - December

    wow nice behind the scenes, i didnt even notice it ~Drcheesedude

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