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    don't know, don't care
  1. aznf13ryf1r3

    Main Pking

    kk. thanks.
  2. aznf13ryf1r3

    Main Pking

    What stats should i get to make my main better for pking? i get owned badly in duel arena and pvp against my levels. Attack: 70 Strength: 80 Defence: 73 Range: 68 Prayer: 43 Magic: 64 Hp: 77 Combat: 91 Btw, i'm F2P. never been members, so...f2p only.
  3. aznf13ryf1r3

    Strength Help

    I'm actually going for 99 strength. =P But, maybe i should get 70 attack before becoming members, so i can hit more. (i'm planning to be lvl 99. (calculated it all) so i can bh in med crater in f2p.) goal stats would be: 70 atk, 99 str, 60 def, 43 pray, 80 ish range (hp), 59 magic, and whatever hp i'll have.
  4. aznf13ryf1r3

    Strength Help

    I'm currently F2P, but I'm gonna become member's soon. Current Stats: 60 attack 71 strength 60 defense 60 range 59 magic 43 prayer 68 hitpoints ~~~~~~~~~ Combat: 79 Current F2P Armor: Future Member Armor: It's about a 424k difference. Budget: 800k When I become member, first thing I plan to do is Monkey Madness. (for d scim) Then...? Where should i train? What should i wear (if it's any better than ^) What should i bring?
  5. aznf13ryf1r3

    99 Hp, 99 Def.

    actually, ownage would have to be: 99 attack 99 strength 40 def 99 hp 99 range 1 prayer w/e magic ~~~~~~~ lvl 99.1 and i'm pretty sure max lvl in med crater.
  6. In my opinion from experience, I'd say flesh crawlers, as their max is only 1. (Bring a full inventory of food, or as much food as you can) Hill giants is a horrible place to train for a strength pure. -Max is 7, on 1 defense strength pures. -Very slow experience (crowded with rune pures/mains/rangers) ~~~~~~~~~ Don't train prayer. It actually makes you hit lower, while raising you're combat level. (Not exactly what a pure wants, although it hits higher and harder, but only for a short while of time. Prayer may be good for Dueling though, if that's all you plan to do.) ^ ^ ^ IMO, B-O-R-I-N-G.
  7. aznf13ryf1r3

    Noobs Say The Darnest Things

    i've got 1 that happened about 10 minutes ago. i don't remember it word for word, but i know how it went. N: Mario X Pure(Noob) RTG: Rune Toy Gun(me str pure) Scene: Goblin House in Lumby N: Could I have a iron scimmy any1? RTG: Lol, buy 1 in alkarid noob N: Well, I can't because i don't have any money. duh N: And i don't trade between acc RTG: Go make some, lol RTG: it's called "merchant" N: well, like i said, i don't have any money, noob RTG: Sos N: What? RTG: Stronghold of Security N: What? N: O, that. N: Only noobs use that RTG: Lol, noob RTG: Only noobs don't use that because they don't know about it N: I've been there, they don't give u **** (pooh, for lack of a better word) RTG: Lol, reported, offensive language N: K N: Kk RTG: lol
  8. aznf13ryf1r3

    Should I Pk With This Account

    Yup, I already did Dragon Slayer, I calculated what defense (33 defense, but i stayed at 32 to make sure) to get so that once I finish Dragon Slayer, i get 40 def.
  9. aznf13ryf1r3

    Should I Pk With This Account

    Kk, i'll try that ty, but that post was kinda spam, lol kk, i'll try changing the monk robes to a rune chain or pl8 (which 1?) and wear a rune full helm
  10. Well, I've given up on my attack to strength pure, since I'm lazy (i don't drop trade) and don't want to make money, so I've continued my rune pure. Its current stats are the following: It's been hard for me to get a kill. One time, I was against this Black Pure, but my computer lagged for about 2 seconds and i died =( This is my inventory when I'm seriously looking for a kill(s): When it's for fun (because I'm bored), I usually replace it with trouts and salmons (easy to get). What I wear: ^^yes, i did do dragon slayer already, so... I've switched my pk armor into: Full rune helm Str Ammy Cape Rune Scimmy Rune Pl8body Rune Kite D'hide chaps D'hide vambs Fancy Boots I've been getting more kills now =] after i switched my armor, but they mostly run Usually, when I'm attacked, I put on Ultimate Strength. Any advice on my rune pure for me to get more kills? :P
  11. at the rune pure guide, you're missing a great place to train strength. Flesh Crawlers-level 28 or Flesh Crawlers-Level 35 (Be sure to get at least 20 fishing and cooking, so you can easily fish for food outside the stronghold) Flesh Crawlers (Level 28) location- Room immediately south of the Second Floor Ladder Flesh Crawlers (Level 35) location- South East corner room Happy Training! :) :lol: :(

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