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  1. Big Fishyman

    Is And Adamant Crossbow Better Than Magic Shortbow?

    The magic short bow used to be way better before they updated it a year or so ago (I think sometime around there). Ever since the crossbows are usually better, plus you get a shield. Most of those range help guides out there are years old anyways.
  2. Big Fishyman

    Candi's 99 Hitpoints Party!

    I'll be there.
  3. Big Fishyman

    Live With Or Without Parents

    I've been living away from my parents (about 13 hours away) for 2 years now. I sometimes miss them, and I am moving back there for a couple months next week while I find my own place closer to where my parents live.
  4. Big Fishyman

    Fist Of Guthix Question

    The link for Fist of Guthix hiscores is: http://hiscore.runepe.com/p=kKmok3kJqOeN6D...category_type=1 Go to the main RuneScape site. From the drop down menu on "Community" at the top, click on "Hiscores". Then click on "Minigames Hiscores". Those are the hiscores for mini games. You need a rating of 500 to be listed.
  5. Other than in a mini game, 5 times in my 4+ years of playing. One of those deaths was on purpose though... the rest from monsters/PVP or lag.
  6. Big Fishyman


    I'd say woodcut yews or magic logs. Fishing would be a close second though.
  7. Big Fishyman


    Found this in the knowledge base: "The broomstick is obtained from Maggie by completing Swept Away, and can be Enchanted by taking it to several of Maggie's fellow witches around RuneScape. In addition to enchanting it to provide a direct teleport into Sorceress's Garden, you will receive some bonus Magic experience. If you lose your broomstick, you can get a new one from Maggie." Sorry for saying Diango, I thought he would have it since he has almost every other item. I guess if you can't get it back from Wendy, and Maggie is all the way over by the Legends Guild, it might be a bug and will have to wait for it to be fixed.
  8. Big Fishyman


    Talk to Diango in Draynor Village, he should have another one for you.
  9. Big Fishyman

    Purple Dye Guide

    He asked how to make purple dye, not how to get the purple cat. Get ten coins,three red berries. Go to Draynor Village and talk to Aggie. Tell her to make some blue and red dye. Finally, use the red or blue dye on the other dye. This will mix the dyes together and turn it into purple dye. He asked how to get the "purple urguent from Hallowe'en", which is what you need to get so Wendy can make your cat purple. Joke provided the exact method to get the urguent. He doesn't need to know how to make purple dye.
  10. Big Fishyman


    Kenaareke1 is still in world 69. Go there. The person who owns the house usually lights it. You use marrentil on it with tinderbox in inventory.
  11. Big Fishyman

    Sack Of Potatoes

    You can pick 10 potatos and buy a sack from a gardener and get it that way. Or buy the sack of potatos or any part on the GE.
  12. Big Fishyman


    Search the official forums for someone with an open alter. It'd be in the events forum. There is usually at least 1 or 2 open at all times. EDIT: Salcat1 is in world 92 right now with open alter. EDIT2: Kenaareke1 is on world 69 with open alter at time this edit.
  13. Big Fishyman

    What Was Your First Quest You Ever Did

    Cooks Assistant becase it was the first one I found the start to.
  14. Big Fishyman

    Dds Or D Long?

    If you can afford it, I would get both. Use the dagger for the special, then the long sword the rest of the time. It's what I've always done.

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