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  1. Kingy

    The Bunny Kit

    I've tried updating the first post with the original pictures, but can't get them to sit right. Ive been throwing around the idea of starting the bunny kit again, new outline, new rs basic armours etc. But idk. Probrably no demand now. EDIT: Hows that for a revamp? EDIT EDIT: Rune Full Helm Yo!
  2. Kingy

    Hello Peasants

    So many old and new peopel!
  3. Kingy

    Hello Peasants

    Wow adam, very long time no see.
  4. Kingy

    Hello Peasants

    So, how's everyone then? Long time no see.
  5. Kingy

    The Bunny Kit

    Those were the days eh.
  6. Kingy

    The Bunny Kit

    go for it
  7. Kingy

    The Bunny Kit

    If anyone cares to what I've moved onto doing. http://www.flickr.co...tos/ethanwykes/
  8. Kingy

    The Bunny Kit

    Even if I was active, me being active is not the problem.
  9. Kingy

    Lets Go On An Adventure!

    Kingy the prison warden walks down, he removes the chewing gum from the mcr fan and proceeds to chew upon it thusly.
  10. Kingy

    The Bunny Kit

    Can I point out, surely if you want an item done, make it yourself?
  11. Kingy

    King Of The Dwarves

    Was dissapointing how I killed the boss in 4 hits and I'm not maxed.
  12. Kingy

    King Of The Dwarves

    It can be stored in your house.
  13. Needs to be a million YES, votes. There's only 880k yes votes so far.
  14. http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/c=no...62060800,goto,1 This is a non topic now, after the update they revealed you can get them from npcs.
  15. Kingy

    O.. Hey Thar.

    Hi everyone :D

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