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  1. Jmaster BCM

    Leveling Advice For Ranger

    Okay thanks, I realize I could go scimmy or range here. Im gonna get 50 defense like you said to be tank, but I think il go for range/2h cause I can keep at 70 cb level, with scimmy/2h id be at 73. As my range naturally gets higher ill end up training strength with it though. So 50 atk/def, 60 str, 70 rng, and the 44 prayer.
  2. Hey everyone, the last time I played runescape was before they killed the wilderness, a coulple years back lol. So I am returning to play around a bit and I have my old account with these stats: So I want to do ranging and melee for f2p, something like rang tank, or 2h. Right now, this account is level 67, so I think its cb level is maybe too high? Any tips or advice on how I should train or my best options?
  3. Jmaster BCM

    Merchanting Help

    I bought them for market pirce so thx for help anyway
  4. Jmaster BCM

    Merchanting Help

    Hey guys! I just need some merchanting help real quick with f2p. I recently read the new merchantiing guide and decicded to start up merchanting again( I had quit after the trade limits began). I looked into the Grand Exchange and saw lobster had gone down from about 240gp to 217gp. I went to the Grand Exchange and bought 1.2k for 210gp each. I havent gotten any so far and I wonder should I up my buying price or just be more patient? Your opinions? >.<
  5. Jmaster BCM

    Best President And Worst?

    Id say Washington was one of the best for establishing a good example for the nation, FDR another for managing us in bad times, Lincoln another for keeping us together during Civil War and freeing slaves(somewhat). Some of the worst would be Jackson for what he did against Judicial branch and to Native Americans, And Bush for the war, economy, etc.
  6. Jmaster BCM

    Religious Beliefs

    No one has full proof of the truth of thier religion but they do have faith in it. No one also has full proof of the truth of many scientific theories that contradict the bible. "The abscence of evidence, is not the evidence of abscence." We will forever debate this until one side is proven. BTW:Christianity was made after by Jesus Christ. Before that there were other God beliving peoples like Hebrews who belived Judaism(I think)
  7. Jmaster BCM

    Will I Go To Hell. Im Homosexual

    It depends on your beliefs. According to mine, yes Also, you should press charges against said teacher. I dont think they have a right to state thier religious beliefs to you in class, especially if it offends you or causes emotional problems.
  8. Jmaster BCM

    Omg And God D.....

    I Like the way you think and I agree with you. However, some people have turned some of these terms into something innapropriate, like Oh my God= Why,God.Why?(in an annoyed tone) God Damn it=Damn you God(no offence toward anyone)
  9. Jmaster BCM

    Suicide - Heaven Or Hell?

    Consciously and intentionally regardless of mental state=Hell
  10. Jmaster BCM

    Voting, Electoral College, And...

    Even if we agreed(which I do), we couldnt change it because we vote representatives to Congress anyway, and they wouldnt want to beacause they'd be next!
  11. Jmaster BCM

    A Topic On Race

    Does it matter. We're all human, aren't we? Why don't we just call each other humans, not whites, blacks and (as some people say) yellows? Anyways, I wouldn't have said. Obama's classified as black. He had a white mother. ~Hutton~ I agree
  12. Jmaster BCM

    Humans - Beautiful Or Scum?

    I think that most humans' primary desire is to survive and to survive well as an individual and on a lower level as a species wether directly, or indirectly. In this perspective, I think this is why we are "destroying" the earth for resources, having wars, killing or causing harm to those who we belive are getting in our way, etc., though there are some things unjustified by this such as torture, which is not really common or as big an issue as other things. And is surviving or surviving well really a bad thing? Dont animals do it too? They just arent intelligent enough to find ways of improving thier survival as we have, and therefore have had less an impact on the earth. Havent we realized our mistakes? Much of you point them out, and some of you hate humans because of them. Do we recycle? Do we have treaties? Do we have laws? Is there more peace and good will to the environment than 1000 years ago? We have made progress,we are not perfect, yet I would consider us somewhat beatiful in the way we think, and we are not scum.
  13. Jmaster BCM

    Str Pure

    I say you should get the prayer. It can save you money and give you the upper hand. 3 extra cb lvs isnt that bad.
  14. Jmaster BCM

    Rate Me

    Hey all, I'm training up a new f2p account so rate me from 1-10 and pls comment. Strength-60/70 Attack-50/60 Defence-40/60 Ranged-20/85 Prayer-34/45 Magic-55/60~70 Hitpoints-54/77 Combat-63~81(or 82 if 70 mage) So how do you like?
  15. Jmaster BCM

    Rune Pures Vs. Tank Rangers

    I agree with you points on how str needs atk to be effective, because I have a tank ranger who has trouble against them. I'm not much of a tank ranger tho with only 74 range and 60 def with 73 cb. Yet I can take anyone my lv and still have a chance, and even some 10 lvs above me. Btw I wear a rune med helm, rune chain, and dhide vambs and legs as armor and it has a noticable def boost with still a 44 range bonus(with bow of course).

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