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  1. penny

    Dragon Implings

    I saw a few when Hunter was still new, and me, having powered the way to 85, caught quite a few on my old account and made about 500k. =) now that a lot more people have the level, I've not seen once since I restarted.
  2. penny

    Share Your Stories As A Newbie

    I thought you had to get hit to get hitpoints experience. I used the Thick Skin prayer all the time, thinking it would give me prayer experience. I went to pickpocket a man, and it said 'You can only do that on a member server' and I was thinking, but I am a member of Runescape! Then I found out what members was. xD When I died by a shade, I had to get someone to lead me back to the Lumbridge chicken pen. I died trying to kill the skeleton thing in Draynor Manor whilst on the quest. This was before I started playing: I was watching my cousin play and every time he clicked in the corner (minimap) a red flag showed up. Me thinking it was an army game, thought it was a target or something but every time my cousin's character stopped, the flag disappeared! =o So I thought it was a reaaally hard game. Hehe =]
  3. PurplePleb - My favourite colour is purple, and I was called pleb at my old school =) My original name was Vanyali_Arya, which is an Eragon reference My very first account was The_Hp_Fan, because I loved Harry Potter books =P
  4. penny

    Money Making Methods! New!

    Haha thank you, I've been lurking a while, so I thought I'd start posting now I have time. =) And sure, I just outlined what to do as I'm not that great at going into detail. =P
  5. penny

    Money Making Methods! New!

    Money Making Method: Fletching willow long (u) F2P or P2P: P2P Requirements: 40 Fletching, 30 woodcutting or ~12k gps to start Description of What to Do: Buy or cut some willow logs. Willow logs on GE are 10-12 gp. Fletch into willow long (u) and sell to a general store, which buys for 32 gp at the lowest. Submitted By: PurplePleb ^That one is mainly for lower skilled players Money Making Method: Monkfish F2P or P2P: P2P Requirements: Swan Song completed, 62 fishing (Optional 56/74 summoning, 80+ cooking) Description of What to Do: Fish monkfish in Piscatoris with a small net. You can summon an Ibis or granite lobster, for extra fish and fishing experience. (Cook if wanted, but cooked fish sell for a bit less and you will burn some.) Sell to the GE. Submitted By: PurplePleb ^Monkfish give 120 fishing experience per fish, giving 10 more experience than sharks and faster than lobsters. Money Making Method: Collecting seaweed F2P or P2P: P2P Requirements: Swan Song completed Description of What to Do: Go to Piscatoris near the monkfish area, at the northeast corner there are 2 seaweed nets. Collect the seaweed. Submitted By: PurplePleb Hope it helps =)
  6. penny

    What Are Your Top 5 Bands?

    My favourite band is Evanescence! But after that, it's an unorganised mess, I can't choose just 4... ^^;
  7. penny

    The Songs We Live To

    Seize The Day - Avenged Sevenfold Slipped Away - Avril Lavigne Fix You - Coldplay Pain, Never Too Late - Three Days Grace My Immortal, Everybody's Fool, Forgive Me, Missing, Understanding - Evanescence The Pretender - Foo Fighters Abandoned, Wander - Kamelot Crawling - Linkin Park LG FUAD - Motion City Soundtrack Eva - Nightwish Scars, Last Resot - Papa Roach Breathe, We Are Broken - Paramore Wo Ai Ni - S.H.E You're Not Alone - Soasin Broken - Seether ft. Amy Lee Draw Me - Sonata Arctica Our Farewell, Swan Song - Within Temptation They all have a meaning to me, I can picture videos to the song in my mind which is so relaxing and refreshing.
  8. penny

    G.u.i.l.d.s. - A Skill-based Community

    The forums are here: www.guilds.fr You can make a forum account there and post in the joining section so we can get to know you.
  9. G.U.I.L.D.S - The Whole Deal About Us: Greetings to all my fellow Runescapers! Let us begin this advertising journey of ours by explaining who we are as a community. So, before you judge and overlook us as just another "skill-based clan", please do think again. G.U.I.L.D.S is actually a small living community itself, compromising of the skillers community and combat-based players working harmoniously to supplement each others' needs in the vicious world of Runescape. Our beliefs are such that every player, every category of Runescapers, has a role to play in the community: perhaps a supplier, a buyer and to many, a friend. By enabling and finding ways to allow us to work together, we can ultimately find that extra zest for playing the game, which is to enjoy the company of real people with real interests and ideals. Formed on the 23rd February 2006, almost 2 years ago now, G.U.I.L.D.S has reached a level of activity to be able to appeal to players, ranging for all walks of life or skill, whichever you fall under. We have players who study, work, are living parents, and many people form different parts of the globe, hence, you'll never feel alone when you're playing the game with G.U.I.L.D.S. If that sounds like the community you wish to be a part with, then please do read on :o G.U.I.L.D.S - What Of Requirements? : Who actually says that you need a specific requirement to be able to enjoy life in a community? In G.U.I.L.D.S, it's the character of the player and their integrity that we value most above their stats. We're about fun and training, not competition or for senseless show. It's a good feeling to know that the player you're having fun with, is having the same great time as you than simply just monotonously grinding the levels. But all said, though there are actually no specific stat requirements, we'd love it if our future members possess the following qualities: Activeness [We're not dormant zombies!] Honesty Enjoys fun and friendship Respect for fellow members Responsibility Runescape Account Most importantly, care for oneself Regarding the sensitive issue of F2P and P2P, fret not my friends, we have an equal amount of both and they're all bonding well with each other with no barriers between them. There's lots of events that should appeal to both F2P and P2Ps, making sure that no one is left out. In fact, we have many events catered to our F2P players, with our P2P ones joining in the fun. Live in a completely obscure time zone? Never mind that, as said, our members range from all across the world, from Asia to Australia, Canada to the U.S.A and of course our Europe-based members. Fact is, you'll never be alone in G.U.I.L.D.S, we can guarantee that with a 1-Year warranty G.U.I.L.D.S - The Components: We mentioned players working harmoniously together as a community, and helping those who requires some assistance right? Well, we have a simple system, whereby we classes skills with a Guild [Guild in this term, is the "group" within a community] of their choice, and these Guilds, they all come together for events, business proposals and I know, I know it's been said, but to have a great and memorable time! Currently, we have the following list of Guilds: Combat Guilds: Conjurers' Guild Ranger's Guild Mage's Guild Monastery [For the holiness in us!] Warrior's Guild [*] Trades/Skills Guilds: Artisan's Guild Chef's Guild Druid's Guild [specializes in Wee- I mean Farming and Herblore] Fishermen's Guild Fletcher's Guild Hunter's Guild Miner's Guild Mystic's Guild [Our very own Runecrafters] Outdoorsmen's Guild [For the Tree-Falling and Pyromaniacs in us] Rogue's Guild [Wanted: Agility and Thieving] Smith's Guild [*] Miscellaneous Guilds: Artists' Guild [show yourself in writing or paints!] Actor's Guild [Take 1, 2, 3: Roleplay!] Adventurer's Guild [MiniGames and Quests!] Also, joining these Guilds allows us to help you better in terms of training, enjoyment while training and provide you with ample events and ideas. Any Guildee who joined, is allowed to join a maximum of 3 Skill/Combat Guilds and all of the Miscellaneous Guilds. This is so as not to burden you with too much responsibilities as it ruins playing experience in the long run, as they say, too much play and too much work, is a call for disaster! G.U.I.L.D.S - What Can You Expect? Events? : Honestly, everyone just loves events and right here at G.U.I.L.D.S, we have lots of events waiting to happen. There's role-playing for those who are up for it, Player-Killing and P2P Boss Monster hunting for the daring folks and even relaxing activities such as Mass-Lobster potting where everyone takes their time to fish while chatting with other members to get to know them better. In fact, I can safely recall, we have the highest death rates in the name of fun![With no items lost of course, there's no fun in dying with valuables is there? *Giggles*] Due to portrayal of violence and strong pixelated contents, we advise Parental Guidance when opening the link. Proceed with caution or you'll end up being suckered to join us! A little Sneak Peek at Future Event Line-Ups G.U.I.L.D.S - The Whole Concept & Purpose: G.U.I.L.D.S can be viewed as a family of different skill groups coming together as one. There's a Guild for each skill within G.U.I.L.D.S, meaning there's altogether 18 different Guilds [some skills are fused] within G.U.I.L.D.S itself. This may seem pretty confusing at first, but if you join us the concept suddenly becomes crystal clear. It's unbelievably easy to understand. What we try to do is to allow our members to pursue the skills the love and take interest in, with other like-minded players, allowing for much discussions, tip-sharing and their brainwaves can generate a lot of ideas [Mostly dangerous and other times, HORRIFYING]. By playing with people of the same interests, we realised that our gaming values are highly increased and it becomes much much more appealing to play. As stated earlier, every member is allowed to join up to three guilds from the combat and trades section; the miscellaneous guilds don't count towards this limit. The reason for this is to make sure our members are not overloaded with too many responsibilities, yet able to have fun and a diverse selection of events. Members are allowed to change their guilds while still being part of G.U.I.L.D.S to allow more exposure to the different skills in Runescape. All in all, your interest is what drives us to strive for a better community. G.U.I.L.D.S - Stance on Affiliation: As a community dedicated to helping each other out, G.U.I.L.D.S does not impose restrictions on its members' affiliation with other clans. Some of our members are clan leaders and some are in other skill-based community. However, we do seek that our members are able to juggle his/her time wisely between his/her affiliations and not to forgo his/her responsibilities in G.U.I.L.D.S because inactiveness makes us sad. So, while you can still join ZPS for all your PC needs, please don't forget us! However, it should be noted that G.U.I.L.D.S is not affiliated to any other communities and it is on its own, since we do not wish to be taken into a situation of a clan war or argument, all for the better sake of our members. G.U.I.L.D.S - Frequently Asked Questions : Okay, so we've had people coming to us and ask if we're a clan, the answer is NO, since we see ourselves, as a community, a group or if you wish, a village. We're beyond just training and killing, but to foster friendships that transcends boundaries. But to answer some for the questions we've been asked: Q: Are you a Clan? A: Obviously either you failed to read, or we should stop repeating our points Q: What promises do I yield if I join? A: At G.U.I.L.D.S, we offer you an alternative lifestyle to playing Runescape and as we dedicate ourselves to host events, competitions and a community to interact with, we do not believe in giving people items or cash to attract them. Also, we do not condone the breaking of Jagex rules and unhealthy social behaviour, such as begging and scamming. Q: Do I need to be P2P to fully enjoy the fun? A: Akin to Runescape, being a P2P really helps when it comes to more gameplay exposure, but simply being a player on Runescape is the basic you need to enjoy what's on offer at G.U.I.L.D.S. Remember, we cater to all kinds of RS players and hence, we try our best to ensure that all our members have their fair share of what's on offer. We do give out cookies though! Q: What is the community in G.U.I.L.D.S like? A: They're the scariest people you can ever meet. They're all so warm, fuzzy and friendly, that it's almost impossible to hate them. We've had many testimonials on how members get to know each other on a better out-of-game basis and well, simply allowing us to discuss anything under the sun. However, we should stress that we do not encourage rule-breaking and other negative acts as it ruins people's fun. Q: Did people really ask these questions? A: Well, not to my face that is hehe, but there's been similar questions raised in our forums, when we're recruiting people and the likes, so we thought, why not explain more about us here? But really, I've run out of F.A.Q to post :o G.U.I.L.D.S - Anything Else? : Our official forum is located at: www.guilds.fr. This is where our members post in their applications and other inputs laid out in details in the Joining section. It's quite where most of the content of the community can be found. Also, this is where all of our activities are listed and discussions held. It is quite comprehensive and members should have no trouble navigating the forum. As a community, we also have our very own Clan Chat, at the RSN: Blusttoy. He's one of the admins and well, in this Clan Chat, you can catch some of our members and have lovely conversations. It's also where events are planned or carried out. We also like to point out that we have our own IRC channel but since well, the Relay Chat is the lair of evil, only access it if you are used to IRC Channels: Feel free to come in and ask any questions; but be aware that the rules in our channel are different from the rules on our forums. Adult topics do get discussed there [which aren't allowed on our forums], so only join if you're capable of handling such discussions and minors should take note not to enter the IRC Channels without prior consent. We believe in good moral upbringing and don't wish for anything negative to happen to you On another note, thank you for taking your precious time to read through our advertisement and it is hoped that G.U.I.L.D.S appeals to you since we're looking for more members to allow us to plan more events but mainly just to have fun with players! - Signing off, G.U.I.L.D.S PS: We don't actually give out cookies *Cries*
  10. penny

    Guide Translations

    Cool! Too bad I cant write the Chinese characters on the keyboard. My Spanish and French is too limited.
  11. where exactly are the easter eggs? i cant find them

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