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  1. Synesthesia


    apparently ive been on this site for 5 years cool
  2. Synesthesia


    bears r bad
  3. Synesthesia


    i dont even know u lol.. never said that tho, i called u hipster cuz you dont even know how 2 ride a board lol, never said that other shizzle tho dunno yet. im getting orangatangs and randalls, just trying to find a decent deck that i like, probably will end up with a landyachtz board, although i'd like a santa cruz
  4. Synesthesia


    i owe 96$ to parents and other people though, so subtract that tbh lol
  5. Synesthesia

    Sal's Playstation Club

    hardest is MVC,with so much shizzle going on you can't even tell which normals hit low/mid/overhead Wrong. UMvC3 is pretty simple honestly, that's why so many people are good at it. Just watch a stream and you'll see what I mean. SF is very complex, however. Anyways, MK is pretty easy bro, although I'm not quite sure what you're having troubles with, if you could clarify. I'll be getting a PS3 soon, reporting back with my PSN whenever I do.
  6. Synesthesia

    PC Gaming Club

    Haha. With or without 'Gods and Kings', Civ5 is still great. Get it, definitely.
  7. Synesthesia


    got a job for summer working at this cupcake shop. production kitchen, it's kinda neat. we just won the #1 spot for 'best place to satisfy your sweet tooth' in my city, which is kinda cool cuz my mom works there too and all we use is her own recipes. getting paid next week ~ 570$, and that's nice. gonna buy a new longboard, ps3 and other things :3c bought membs on rs and having tons of fun also lol.
  8. Synesthesia


    >saying cod is bad when all you're playing is the campaign whoah i wonder why lol
  9. Synesthesia


    oh its the autist
  10. Synesthesia


    >bmx ?
  11. Synesthesia


    damn bro been a while. im back lol new computer, add me on steam, http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/evaaaaa just make sure u tell me who you are if you do, i'm down to play whatever. also, league of legends: Eva Roars. as for real life, been great, school didn't end up being too well this year, hated my teachers, but ya. might have failed two classes this semester, maybe not. who knows. all i know is i have a science exam, that im gonna rape, tomorrow. still haven't gotten my license yet fuu, birthday was in late feb, i waited a looong time. and it's bad, moreso because of the stupid driving laws in BC. fff. once i'm done the exam though and i find myself with a day or two of free time i'll start up my free trial on rs. ty jagex. shhh
  12. Synesthesia

    this is the end my friend

    i wouldn't call it dope per se, but i sure do love it.
  13. Synesthesia

    Edm Thread (dubstep, House, Trance, Etc...)

    Not sure if this is even the right topic to ask, but I recently discovered of the genre chillwave because of these two songs: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdYLbd51ar8 www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UbxJ6fnVXw and I was wondering if you guys have any similar stuff to recommend me?
  14. Synesthesia

    Favourite childhood toy?!

    oh ye, minecraft
  15. Synesthesia

    Man, I always come so close.

    song's dope

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