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  1. Buzzbeeboo

    Skate_ilkley's Fakes Gallery

    I really like your bank tabs idea. That would save so much room! I hope they do implement that into the game soon; I'm running low on bank space! And, hey, to me...most the stuff I have is much too important just to throw away. Heck, even the "drop all/X" option would be really neat. Especially for dropping cooked shark when you have a low cooking level of 80 such as I. Then again, I have seen people store their burnt fish in the bank, then take it all out as noted, then drop it. I mean, you can do that...but how, when there's no bank space?! Rofl, some of these are, like, Runescape nightmares. Hahahaha. You've really got my sense of humor...and my brother's type of ability to tweak little pictures to create your own idea. Splendid work. Blast, I think I've looked at them all!! ...Need....more...!

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