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  1. Barnzie8

    Game suggestions

    The deus ex series is good both the original and hr. Final fantasy x/x2 remaster is great. Two rpgs and a rougelike for less than a single new game.
  2. Barnzie8


    Doomsday prophecy's are always correct.
  3. Barnzie8

    May Santafish Monthly

    Come on blueberry muffins are the best!
  4. Barnzie8

    Victory Guy's Skill Log

    Runescape cosplay, nice.
  5. http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/topic/362242-prifddinas/ Personal favorite. Wise old man busting a move is fully sick bro.
  6. Barnzie8

    Climb to the Top (guide included)

    Nice. How long did this take?
  7. Isn't it medieval fantasy? To the poster who said a space station is around the corner, that will be a long time coming.
  8. Barnzie8

    Hero of Aldonya: The Amulet of Lutone

    Just read your story pretty good. There was a typo when wilt was addressing Xaviers wounds it says "has".
  9. Too funny. What jokes have they done before?
  10. Barnzie8

    Games of 2014

    Destiny reminds me very much of borderlands. Final fantasy x is getting an update, i never got those extra aeons, nice to get them this time and the vita needs some good games.
  11. Barnzie8

    Games of 2014

    The division does show a lot of promise. Starcitizen and wasteland 2 on pc look fun, they are both large rpgs where your actions will shape the world.
  12. This makes me want to watch dragon ball z, haven't seen it in ages.
  13. The most i ever had on runescape was a bit over 1 million. Lol at f2p.

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